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  1. Shulk

    Vintage Sun Damage/Discoloration

    I know the white Santagotchi and Otch are prone to discoloration, does anyone know if the White Morino or white/blue Mothra are prone to it, too? I noticed the Mothra I bought seems to have discoloration on the plastic packaging, so I assume that's not unheard of. I'm more concerned about the...
  2. Shulk

    The Insanity That is Running 5 Tamagotchi

    Hello! Let me start off with saying I know running five Tamas at a time is completely insane, but since this is the first time I've decided to try logging my Tamas growth I figured it could be a fun ride. I've been running the colour Tamas for a few days, but I figured I might as well include...
  3. Shulk

    IDL Baby sick?

    How many times does a baby on the IDL get sick without counting as a miss care? Is it one or two? I`m asking as my IDL baby got sick twice when none of its stats are empty.
  4. Shulk

    Is The M!x Fun?

    I'm wondering what people think about the mixes? Like all of them, Spacy, Melody or Anni. As I might get one for Christmas.
  5. Shulk

    Tamagotchi Friends DT Faceplate Removal

    I just got one today and can't get it off.
  6. Shulk

    Tamagotchi IDL Anni Excitment! So I just recently bought this, I am aware of its condition but couldn't resist considering majority of the damage is common anyway. So that raises a question, which do you prefer? IDL or IDL 15th Anni? and why?
  7. Shulk

    Anyone Still Like Glee?

    The title says it all really. I know the show ended last year but I was hoping others still like it, even if just the covers.
  8. Shulk

    Longest Time Running a Tamagotchi Version

    What's the longest anyone has played with a particular Tama without a break? Doesn't have to be consecutive generations or keeping one Tama alive. I'm more or less wondering how long as one used a particular shell or version. Mine would have to be my P's, I have been running it since November...
  9. Shulk

    Embarrassing/Funny Tamagotchi Stories!

    I've probably read all the ones from like 2009-2012 and those topics have long since been locked so I wanted to know if anyone has had some new stories since then? I think my most embarrassing story has to be the time I brought my Tamas to my BF's parents house, all would've been fine if it...
  10. Shulk


    Hello everyone! While I shoulda made this a few days ago I was busy, I'm "new" here, well sorta, I had and old account that I lost the password to, and thus I never used it. I have also been stalking the topics for answers to any of my Tama questions for months now :3. Outside of Tamas I love...
  11. Shulk

    Pretty Cure Virtual Pets

    Does anyone else here own any Pretty Cure V-Pets? I'm talking about the Card Commune, Heartful Commune, Mix Commune and so on. I have the Heartful Commune and I want to hear about other people's experiences with the toys.
  12. Shulk

    What's The Best Tamagotchi Deal You've Found?

    Not sure if there's a better place for this but what's the best deal you've found for Tamas or other V-Pets? A few months ago my mom found a bag of 5 tamagotchi's ranging from V3 to V4.5 for $3, I couldn't believe she had found so many for such a low price I was over the moon when she bought...
  13. Shulk

    TamaTown Tama-Go Screen Freezes and Glitches

    I decided to run one of my TamaTown Tama-Gos yesterday and shortly after I started it, it froze and black lines were all over the screen so naturally I pushed the reset button and downloaded my Tama again. But it happened again when I was removing one of my figures from the top. This hasn't...