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  1. Kikichi_Star

    How to mate your tamagotchi!

    Hey fans! Today we will find out how to mate Tamagotchis! So the only devices that can mate is... 1. Meets fairy, magic, sanrio, other meets tamas 2. ALL of the Ons 3. Tamagotchi Connection ver 1-4.5...
  2. Kikichi_Star

    Abcchi And Gotchi death memorial

    Rules: 1: Be kind. Dont be mean or i will cry for my tama 2: no spam  They died when they were 189. They were very cute females. I hope they are playing with the twin stars. May they Rest In Peace. I will post memorial pics soon.  
  3. Kikichi_Star

    Hello Kitty Glich?

    This Easter i got a hello kitty tamagotchi. After a month or two, some thing weird happend. Every time a event happend like cleaning or hatching, When it happend on cleaning, I reset. THEN IT GOT TRAPPED ON HATCHING!!!! It might be a battery glitch but, THE START UP NOISE PLAYED AT NIGHT!!! At...
  4. Kikichi_Star

    How to kill your Tamagotchi

    The methods here are for meets/on.  1. let it poo SO MUCH that it gets Girm Gotchi. 2. Let it get a cold, and leave it. This is 4 the Peter Pan Glitch. Hope this helped!