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  1. Runner

    Name Your Current Mood!

    This pic describes my mood right now
  2. Runner


    I'm not really into Avicii, the only song I've heard (and like) is "Levels", I need to go listen to more though.
  3. Runner

    TC House 2!

    I am bored. So I'm joining this even though I might not actually post. FORM: Name: Anonymous Age: Classified information Gender: Classified information Country of origin: Classified information Looks: Awesome Personality: Troll One word to describe yourself: Trolololo I LOVE BEING...
  4. Runner

    New tamagotchi iPhone/android app from BanDai Japan?!

    @Everybody who wishes America had tama apps: Actually, it is possible to get Japanese apps onto iOS devices (Explained here: and there...
  5. Runner

    Your all time favourite band?

    Red Hot Chili Peppers, I love their stuff and I love their videos. This pic makes me laugh every time, because Anthony Kiedis (lead awesomer than even the likes of Chris Martin vocalist) is so awesome
  6. Runner


    McDonalds stinks One order equals diabetes, trans fats, and calories in a bag Only cool thing about McDonalds is the humor that comes along with it
  7. Runner

    Favorite Album?

    So, TT, what are your favorite albums (Hopefully you know what an album is or else I'll cry) For me, my top five would look something like this: 1. I'm With You (Red Hot Chili Peppers) 2. X&Y (Coldplay) 3. Torches (Foster the People) 4. By the Way (Red Hot Chili Peppers) 5. Summer Girl...
  8. Runner

    What are you listening to now?

    "Meet Me At The Corner" - Red Hot Chili Peppers
  9. Runner

    Which Rayman Series games do you have? (Demo also counts)

    I downloaded the demo for Rayman Origins today, and after playing one level, I'm unsure as to whether I'm going to try to play again. The graphics weren't really that good, I didn't understand why Rayman is so tiny that he's a little hard to see as a direct result. I also felt that the colors...
  10. Runner

    Road Trip

    (Mew, accepted :DD) (Gah sorry I didn't reply till now, I was kinda busy xP) Unable to sense Lennon's discomfort, Todd kept speaking. For him, talking was natural, and he had never really been the type to quietly sit, which was why his grades in school were nearly abysmal. "Yeah, I agree. My...
  11. Runner

    Songs You Are Sick Of Hearing

    We Are Young, Cake by Rihanna, and anything at all by One Direction. what I do whenever I hear 1D sing or the fangirls squeal
  12. Runner

    Short Motion Picture Tamagotchi Friendship

    Even though it was only 20 seconds, cool video! I loved the music, it was all bubbly and awesome Oh, and
  13. Runner

    Songs that have been barely played on the Radio

    Well this is an easy one Anything that isn't an uber popular single by Foster the People, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, or most bands for that matter It's like all the radio wants to do is play uber popular singles when sometimes the best songs aren't the uber popular singles Some singles...
  14. Runner

    I have made a movie from WMM.

    Nice video, it could use a little more work, but it isn't bad. Animation was okay. Sheesh, how did this turn from a normal thread into a bashing thread? Dude, guys who are bashing, weren't you the very same ones who were all "EWW WE HATE FIGHTS WE'RE LEAVING TO GO TALK ELSEWHERE BAI" on...
  15. Runner

    Road Trip

  16. Runner

    Road Trip

    EPIC OLD MAN CHAPERONE FOR THE WIN Name: Jermaine Russells Age: 62 Gender: Male Personality: Jermaine is a nearly eerily quiet man, who rarely speaks, and he tends to ignore people when they try to speak to him. His facial expression rarely ever changes from its usual stonyness, and he is...
  17. Runner

    Road Trip

    Alright. Since I feel the need to post I'm going to start. Todd jumped out of his mom's silver Toyota with a duffel packed with his belongings, slamming the door shut and finding himself at the very spot in the high school parking lot where most school days began for him. The only difference...
  18. Runner

    Road Trip

    (@Webster: Good job patching up your form again, but personally, I feel the name is a bit sueish, I don't think you'll ever meet anyone named Ahruke Firestorm in real life) (@Becca: Accepted)
  19. Runner

    The Stuff We Draw (@[email protected])

    Dunno if this belongs here or not since it's digital art and what not, but I drew this using GIMP, and some thing in chrome. It's pretty cool if I say so myself. I uploaded it to my dA account here:
  20. Runner

    Road Trip

    Since it is officially summer (Which is why I'm here not elsewhere), I have come back to make an extremely lame RP!!!!!!!!!!!111111!!!one!! (To those concerned that my literacy level has dropped in the course of the three or so months I've been gone, no worries, that was just my attempt at...