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  1. Shulk

    Where can you get Tamagotchis in YOUR country?

    In Canada you'll find the ONs (and other releases like the P1/2) at a game store chain, EB Games. You can also find older models on a selling website Kijiji, or at second hand stores. I've gotten Tamas from all these places. Then of course there's online like eBay, JYW, Amazon, etc.
  2. Shulk

    Is tamagotchi allowed on plane if i am already bringing two powerbanks?

    I've never had problems with any of my Tamas on planes. I've flown to Japan, Portugal, and Cuba with at least one. Treat it like a normal electronic device, but even then IDR if I took them out of my bag at screenings, you can just to be safe.  I just fixed spelling mistakes. Dumb fingers.
  3. Shulk

    Unreleased Tamas Appreciation Post

    I want the yellow Garden shell lol. I really like the Yellow Japanese one best outta the bunch, so I'm not surprised I like that yellow one. 
  4. Shulk

    Marrying Distantly Related Tamas?

    I just keep marrying them if I feel like it tbh. I don't really see it that way.
  5. Shulk

    What's your holy grail tama?

    It is! I think it's American cause it comes in the cardboard box, bot the plastic.
  6. Shulk

    What's your holy grail tama?

    I dont have on yet, I heard they’re annoying though. Currently I have a P1, 2 Angelgotch, 1 angel gotchi, and the morino and mothra.
  7. Shulk

    Running All Tamas At Once - First Log Ever!

    I did the same when I found my old ones, like 5 of them. Then i went on facebook and found the groups. It’s been 5 years lol.
  8. Shulk

    Vintage Sun Damage/Discoloration

    Yeah, I got closer pics of all three, it definitely looks like the plastic going by the back flaps. I’d post a pic. But doing it on these forums is kinda hard.
  9. Shulk

    What's your holy grail tama?

    Umino. An Ocean would be even better, but I’ll be realistic, lol. But even those are getting expensive.  An overall goal would be having one of each vintage. As I now have one for each American connection and one of each colour model. (My old goals)
  10. Shulk

    Running All Tamas At Once - First Log Ever!

    I used to run all my Tamas a few years back. Now I run like 3 max XD. Good on you! Excited to see more updates!
  11. Shulk

    Vintage Sun Damage/Discoloration

    They shipped so it’s too late until it gets to my bfs house. As long as it works it’s not too big of a problem. I’ll mostly be using the packaging to store the Tampa’s when I’m not running them anyway like I do with my JP and English Angels. That’s why they were so cheap, too. The seller...
  12. Shulk

    Vintage Sun Damage/Discoloration

    I see, that’s not so bad. But the packaging is definitely discoloured, lol. Although it could be the natural colour of the package. I asked the seller for closer pics after I paid and it could be the darker, more realistic art style on the packaging compared to the Morino and Angel. 
  13. Shulk

    Vintage Sun Damage/Discoloration

    I know the white Santagotchi and Otch are prone to discoloration, does anyone know if the White Morino or white/blue Mothra are prone to it, too? I noticed the Mothra I bought seems to have discoloration on the plastic packaging, so I assume that's not unheard of. I'm more concerned about the...
  14. Shulk

    Which Tamagotchi character is this?

    Do you know the model?
  15. Shulk

    Tamagotchi Nano Demon Slayer: North American Release

    I started watching the anime cause I'm getting the Tamas. I'm liking what I've seen so far.
  16. Shulk

    The Insanity That is Running 5 Tamagotchi

    Hello! Let me start off with saying I know running five Tamas at a time is completely insane, but since this is the first time I've decided to try logging my Tamas growth I figured it could be a fun ride. I've been running the colour Tamas for a few days, but I figured I might as well include...
  17. Shulk

    IDL Baby sick?

    How many times does a baby on the IDL get sick without counting as a miss care? Is it one or two? I`m asking as my IDL baby got sick twice when none of its stats are empty.
  18. Shulk

    Nothing seems to be working :(

    Change the wallpaper? It might not like it
  19. Shulk

    Is The M!x Fun?

    I'm wondering what people think about the mixes? Like all of them, Spacy, Melody or Anni. As I might get one for Christmas.
  20. Shulk

    Mametchi VS Mimitchi Wars