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  1. tamagotchigirl2

    i missed u tamatalk

    i joined this site 11 years ago and i am very happy to see that it is still alive. i love tamatalk so much. i'm interested in coming back on here again but i'll probably be making a new account. i doubt anyone remembers me, but maybe old friends of mine are still on here? new friends are cool...
  2. tamagotchigirl2

    The [[official]] sprite editing topic

    Yus. You can do any game, like sonic, or pokemon, or kirby... whatever. Post them here when you're done, for all to see. [[HOW DO I FIND SPRITES?]] Go on google and type this in: NAME OF GAME HERE Sprite Sheet Then for best results, click the first one. c: then start editing! Imma post...
  3. tamagotchigirl2

    What type and color of DS do you have?

    I have a pink DS lite. Hurrhurr. <3 But, i feel empty inside because i abandoned my old blue DS at gamestop for it. D: Oh well. That thing sucked, this things rocks. c: Whuddu you guys have?
  4. tamagotchigirl2

    Anybody wanna do Wi-Fi on Pokemon?

    Sewz , Anybody? Like i also have a question. How do you get your FC? ;o i'mma idiot i guess. <3 REPLY PLEAZ0RS? <3 Tankkyus.
  5. tamagotchigirl2

    Cartoon-ie wolf avatars. <3

    So like, I'm making cartoon style wolf avatars. For an example, look at my avatar. here's the form. Base Color: Markings: (please tell what color they are) eye color: emote: collar? if so what color, and are there any things on it (example: bell or something): gender: Border color: (in...
  6. tamagotchigirl2

    Blinkin' Blobs Adoption Center

    Blinkin' Blobs Welcome to Blinkin Blobs Adoption! Here you can adopt your own BBA (Blinkin Blob Avatar) and get it customized however you want. Q&amp;A What's a BBA...? A BBA (Blinkin Blob Avatar) is an avatar that you get to order and personalize with items, colors, movements, words, size...
  7. tamagotchigirl2

    really... innapropiate ads

    yeah so i've seen like 5 and i just got on one minute ago and they're of like girls... almost naked o_o anybody else seeing this?
  8. tamagotchigirl2

    Funny smarterchild conversations! xD

    Here's one of mine XD: (Sorry for the long-ness.) xoxkidcatxoxx: ...Smarterchild? SmarterChild: Yes? xoxkidcatxoxx: I have a very personal question SmarterChild: Sure! Tell me what you want. xoxkidcatxoxx: Uh, are you a wookie? SmarterChild: I know a lot about all kinds of things. Just...
  9. tamagotchigirl2

    Ipodwar! >:D

    That's right. I'm having an Ipodwar. What you do is enter your ipod by filling out the form. The person with the best model with the most songs will win the grand prize, the one with most songs will wind second, and I will decide someone to win 3rd. I'll enter my ipod. FORM: ~Ipod Name...
  10. tamagotchigirl2

    Can someone lend me their Tamatown password?

    I'm at my Dad's house and I forgot my Tamagotchis. So i heard that the towns are open and I wanted to check it out. Can I use someone's login PW for TamaTown?
  11. tamagotchigirl2

    TekTek yourselves!

    That's right, TekTek yourself! :P Here's the link: NO ANIMAL EARS. Or tails. No matter how much you think you're an animal. I'm making mine. It'll be done soon.
  12. tamagotchigirl2

    Aphex Twin/Richard D. James

    Am I the only one that likes his music? If you do, tell mee!
  13. tamagotchigirl2

    Help please, Girls

    Well 6th grade is next year and I want a boyfriend. All my friends are getting them. Well there's this one guy i like and I know he likes this other girl but I know he liked me last year. I don't know how to ask him. Please help!
  14. tamagotchigirl2

    The most "Noobish" Thing you've done

    What is the most stupidish, noobish thing you've done? NOTE: I'm not being mean to noobs, i'm saying what is the most noobish thing YOU'VE done. What i've done: I walked around runescape acting like I was really rich and stuff (Rich as in rich on RS) and whenever someone called me a noob...
  15. tamagotchigirl2


    Anyone here play FlyFF? IT'S SO FUN! :( I just found about it today, the graphics are great, and it may take 4 hours to download but anyone who does get it will love it! FYI: FlyFF means "Fly For Fun"
  16. tamagotchigirl2

    Pokemon Spoof

    This is hilarious! watch:
  17. tamagotchigirl2


    I downloaded maplestory, and I waited FOREVER. Now it gives me this annoying message: Unable to connect to the GameGuard Update server. Please try reconnecting later, or check your network connection. 1. My connection is fine. 2. I HAVE tried "later". Can anyone help?
  18. tamagotchigirl2

    Gaia Gift Credits

    I just got mine ^^ I'll make such a good mermaid. How about you?
  19. tamagotchigirl2


    I bet NO ONE listens to zox. XD If you do, i'll seriously die. :D
  20. tamagotchigirl2

    Andi Milonakis? :D

    Hahaha, I LOVE Andy. Dirt lamb!