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  1. meowbark

    what tamagotchi did i get

    ok so i started playing tamagotchi again and i got this little beast what is it i cant find it on the wiki
  2. meowbark

    sup again

    if any of you remember me. hi again 8) i decided to check up on my old home. and holy crap this place has changed a lot in like, half a year. ): i rarely posted even then. but yeah i'm back, might not be active though. just felt the need to say something. this new forum is so confusing.
  3. meowbark

    Acid Reflux

    Excuse me, for this is for sure not where I should post this, but since I'm not active on most any forums I'll take my luck and post here. OK, so like, I think I may have Acid Reflux disease. My stomach, well, below the stomach, really burns after I eat certain foods. Mainly being school lunch...
  4. meowbark

    Best smooth animation program anyone?

    Alright, I know for a fact this is not the be asking this sort of question, but I want to know if anyone has suggestions as to what program would be best for animation? I mean flash is a great program for basic stuff such as making banners and whatnot on the computer, but something that would...
  5. meowbark

    Teacher issue.

    So, long story short, I take a Networking class. I'm not supposed to be in this class until NEXT year, and the school wouldn't bother changing it when they were supposed to. The teacher, he teaches us jacksh*t. He used to at the beginning of the year, though after we got back from Winter Break...
  6. meowbark

    herp derp herp

    So, like, the Sims. I know some of ya'll out there play it and I've become addicted again. You got any favorite sites to go to when downloading custom content? I could use a few different ones for a change, I'll list a few for you all to use though. I find it a lot more fun to use CC when...
  7. meowbark

    Drawing Update

    It's been a while since I shared my drawings with you guys. So I thought I'd post a few here. If anyone has critique, please feel free to bring it up. This doesn't mean be a jerk. I did this one just today- This was for my friend...
  8. meowbark

    Sims + Linux based OS's?

    So, I've been considering switching from Windows Vista to Linux Mint for several reasons, though I still want to play the Sims. I've heard of compatibility issues, googled this and found posts from 2006/7. Now I'm confused, will it run with Linux/Unix based Operating Systems or not? I know that...
  9. meowbark

    Ew my skin

    Long story short; My pores [i think that's what they are, glands maybe?] are starting to dry, leaving my skin looking really, really weird looking. I've been using this acne product to clear my hairline/forehead, very rarely have I used it on my cheeks, which is where the skin looks all dried...
  10. meowbark

    What's the big deal with name brands?

    Alright so like, recently I've been noticing this even more and more about the school I've been going to. It seems a good chunk of my current school, and almost everyone in my Middle School last year, was going ga ga over name brands. If you didn't have name brand ANYTHING you would be made fun...
  11. meowbark


    Has anyone ever cosplayed? Whether it was at a Anime convention or at home by yourself. I have, it was /awesome/. I made a good cosplay despite it being my first time, if anyone wants to see pics of me, just send me a note. Though I'm making a cosplay for Megacon in March, I already have...
  12. meowbark


    Long story. :/ So anyway, I have two friends. Zannia and Cleveland. Cleveland is really clingy to Zannia, and she doesn't like him really at all. About a year ago she told him that she really didn't like him and was being serious, he threatened to commit suicide. I of course, am just finding...
  13. meowbark

    Party hard

    It's my birthday tomorrow. Let's have a party now :D
  14. meowbark

    Which Tamatalk skin do you use?

    Just curious. lol.
  15. meowbark

    Mindless Self Indulgence

    Well, I didn't see a MSI thread on here. You like MSI? Issues. Best song ever.
  16. meowbark

    Across the Country

    I have a friend that lives in Washington. I live in Florida. 3000 miles apart. [Around there anyway.] We have been chatting on MSN for around a year and a half now. We really like each other, and would be BFF's in real life if we lived near each other. The thing is, I want to /really/ meet her...
  17. meowbark

    Free Anti-Virus Programs /THAT WORK/

    Alright, so I have been noticing a lot of people around saying that they don't own a good Anti-Virus program and they get a virus on their computer that they don't know how to remove. So I'm going to help out. First off, the programs; Malwarebytes; This program...
  18. meowbark

    Books-A-Million question

    I'm sort of curious about this one, I tried googling it with no luck. At Books-A-Million, as all manga fans know, there is a Mature manga section. Even though there is never anything there I want [Even if there is, bad translations.] Do you have to be a certain age to purchase manga from this...
  19. meowbark

    Axis Powers Hetalia!

    I'm pretty sure you have seen this awesome series! It's educational and awesome at the same time! Basically about WW1. Showing how the war led up, and how the war went. But using anime characters to represent the countries! So far, I love Italy and America! ♥
  20. meowbark

    Showing off. I just wanted to show you guys this. I think I'm finally improving! The face could use some work I think though. Sorry to you guys I never got to drawing/finishing your requests. :( '' I've been getting on and off artblocks. Not fun...