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  1. Epic mametchi!

    Holy cow it's been forever! (Kinda)

    Holy meow its been like... Forever since I used this site. :oo This site was one of my favorite things to use since as a kid I didn't have any friends who obsessed over tamagotchi. I felt very welcome here and I kinda still do. Kinda feels nostalgic coming back and not be a nuisance to...
  2. Epic mametchi!

    Tamagotchi Gameboy troubles

    While I was playing the gameboy version of tamagotchi, my Tamatchi turned into a mimitchi? Also my tamagotchi died when it was healthy and it never got sick. It died when it was a marutchi. What was odd that when your tama dies on the gameboy, it show your tama sad, but it showed him happy. Is...
  3. Epic mametchi!

    How do you rest a tamagotchi iDL?

    Help I want to reset my tamagotchi idl
  4. Epic mametchi!

    Tamagotchi art

    Post your tamagotchi art here!
  5. Epic mametchi!

    Tamagotchi fan game! :)

    This is a tamagotchi game. Yes i use game maker. No it's not the same as EMF's game I need sprites. At least 32x32. Backgrounds and yeah... And beta testers( any one can test :) )
  6. Epic mametchi!


    Hello so you need not that good at making sprites so here is a mametchi sprite sheet I tried to use the template I already know someone did mametchi but here is my ver