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  1. Decotchi

    Anyone on Runescape?

    I see quite a few Runescape topics from years ago, but I was wondering if anyone currently online here still plays? I've had my account for over ten years and I still play regularly, but many of my old friends in the game are long gone. 
  2. Decotchi

    Musical Alphabet Game

    This is a simple but fun game that I enjoyed on previous forums, so I thought I'd start a thread for it here! The rules are simple, all you have to do is list a song that starts with the next letter of the alphabet. For example, I'll start this game off with: As The World Falls Down - David...
  3. Decotchi

    Marrying Distantly Related Tamas?

    During today's log I had a question about tama marriages, so I thought I'd make it a topic in case anyone else has thoughts on it. What is your approach with marrying tamas via connection after they've been connected once? This applies to any virtual pet really, both vintage and modern...
  4. Decotchi

    Unreleased Tamas Appreciation Post

    In crafting my tamagotchi wishlist, I stumbled across promotional images of various tamagotchis that were scheduled to be released but later canceled. The two I'm saddest about are the line of USA Morinos aka Tamagotchi Garden (excuse the grainy image, this is the best I could find via...
  5. Decotchi

    Very belated intro post

    I've been here since 2012, but after seeing Tacoburritotchi's intro post I realized I never made one of my own! I was also inactive for a few years, so better late than never  :ichigotchi: So hello, I'm Decotchi! I'm from Hawai'i but currently living in France. I've been collecting tamas for...
  6. Decotchi

    What's your holy grail tama?

    Which tama version do you daydream about finding? At the moment, mine is this plumeria V4: My parents gifted it to me when I was a kid, and I'd love to find it again as part of my collection rebuild. Sadly it seems like everyone else has the same idea! I also really like this V4.5 I've...
  7. Decotchi

    V5 Guts Look Unusual?

    So my Argos V5 just arrived in the mail, and when I took off the backing to insert the battery I noticed that the guts are blue and white. I'm used to the normal green color that the rest of my tamas have, so I wanted to make sure that this wasn't something iffy before I left a review on eBay...
  8. Decotchi

    Possible Scam V3 / Keitai Listing on eBay

    I noticed four listings for the "Melon Soda" Keitai shell from three different sellers with overlapping photos. I'm not sure which one is legitimate (if any of them are), but it's safe to say that they're all overpriced:   These two are from the same seller but have wildly different prices for...
  9. Decotchi

    Running All Tamas At Once - First Log Ever!

    A few weeks ago I decided to rebuild my tama collection and bring a little joy back into my life. :chohimetchi:  I'm still waiting for a couple tamas to arrive in the post, but I've decided to run all the tamas I currently have just for fun! To clarify, I do work from home so I have the luxury...
  10. Decotchi

    What's the highest you'd go for an exclusive tama shell design?

    So I've been on the hunt for a V5, and frankly I'm not that in love with most of the shell designs. Luckily I stumbled across a listing for the UK Argos exclusive pink glitter V5 (with the Violetchi charm attached) which I absolutely LOVE, and the seller offered me a 15% discount - which would...
  11. Decotchi

    Transfering items and points from the Kakeibo

    So I recently got a Kakeibo and I've been playing around with it trying to understand how it works. I've pretty much figured everything out, but I can't seem to transfer gotchi points and items from it to my Entama. I've already read all related posts on it, but none address my particular...
  12. Decotchi

    Entama/Kakeibo Help

    I recently bought an Entama and a Kakeibo to go along with it, but since I can't read any of the instructions or text within the Entama itself, I was wondering if anyone could give me some information on them, particularly how to use them together/connect them. Also, I bought what I thought was...
  13. Decotchi

    Mesutchi/Osutchi Question

    I'm thinking of purchasing an Osutchi/Mesutchi set, but the colors of the shell aren't the matching set. I was wondering if this affects their ability to connect together and breed in any way, or if it's simply a superficial difference. Thanks!
  14. Decotchi

    Corrosion in Tamas

    So I'm getting my Angel in the mail today, and I'm aware that sometimes older tamas can come with corrosion, so I was wondering what you guys have used to get rid of that. My mom said vinegar on a qtip, but I want to be 100% sure before trying anything. I haven't seen my tama yet, so I don't...
  15. Decotchi

    Temperature on Morino/Forestgotchi?

    So I'm currently bidding on a Morino via ebay, and I've been doing my research on them so I'm not completely lost when I get it. One thing is confusing me though. The "temperature"...forgive me if this sounds completely idiotic, but is this some sort of manual control, or does it literally have...
  16. Decotchi

    Bought angelgotchi, is it the real deal?

    I just bought an angelgotchi on ebay, it was 27 dollars, and I couldn't resist. The listing was "tomagotchi Angel Gotchi (japanese version) new". I wasn't sure at first because they listed it as "tomagotchi"....but I went ahead anyway. I didn't want it to miss out on it, because other than that...
  17. Decotchi

    Anyone for a bit of punk?

    I noticed that the majority of users on here listen to music that...well, that doesn't really butter my muffin, so to speak. So I was wondering, are there any fellow fans of genuine punk rock? I'm talking about the original founders. The Sex Pistols, The Clash...etc. And I have to add, that...
  18. Decotchi

    Help! Bought a fake! What is it?

    So I just got my mail today, super excited that I finally recieved the Tamagotchi Plus (japanese released tamagotchi connection) that I bought on amazon. The seller seemed legit, the pictures matched plenty that I had seen online, the item was described as being a BRAND NEW, PURE PINK Bandai...