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  1. Epic mametchi!

    Holy cow it's been forever! (Kinda)

    Holy meow its been like... Forever since I used this site. :oo This site was one of my favorite things to use since as a kid I didn't have any friends who obsessed over tamagotchi. I felt very welcome here and I kinda still do. Kinda feels nostalgic coming back and not be a nuisance to...
  2. Epic mametchi!

    CTRL + V Game (remake)
  3. Epic mametchi!

    Tamagotchi Gameboy troubles

    I know I took good care but isn't Tamatchi a male and mimitchi is a female? The Marutchi sprite is happy because it showed the happy eating sprite and I know what his death sprite was because my brother killed his.
  4. Epic mametchi!

    Tamagotchi Gameboy troubles

    While I was playing the gameboy version of tamagotchi, my Tamatchi turned into a mimitchi? Also my tamagotchi died when it was healthy and it never got sick. It died when it was a marutchi. What was odd that when your tama dies on the gameboy, it show your tama sad, but it showed him happy. Is...
  5. Epic mametchi!

    How do you rest a tamagotchi iDL?

    Thank you Right now I have a mametchi
  6. Epic mametchi!

    Tamagotchi art

    Wow 157 replies Putting these because I don't want to spam ☺️
  7. Epic mametchi!

    CTRL + V Game (remake)

  8. Epic mametchi!

    How do you rest a tamagotchi iDL?

    Help I want to reset my tamagotchi idl
  9. Epic mametchi!

    Tamagotchi art Sushigatchi made with my iPad
  10. Epic mametchi!

    Tamagotchi art Mametchi :)
  11. Old drawing

    Old drawing

  12. Tama


    Kutchipatchi has one arm 0.o
  13. Epic mametchi!

    Tamagotchi fan video game!

    How's the game going? Any new stuff?
  14. Epic mametchi!

    Tamagotchi art That's a drawing i did on my ipad
  15. Epic mametchi!

    Tamagotchi art
  16. Memetchi


    Made this on iPad
  17. Chamametchi


    I used my iPad
  18. Epic mametchi!

    Tamagotchi fan game! :)

    Ok now the game looks ok. Now i need help on making mametchi. Melodytchi. Himespetchi and lovelitchi. I'm trying to make Sushigatchi sprites 32x32 now. And maybe some backgrounds. There is no requirements on the sprites just 32x32. You can use a pallet if you want. Should I add mini games in...
  19. Epic mametchi!

    Tamagotchi fan game! :)

    im starting over now! ^_^ :)
  20. Epic mametchi!

    Tamagotchi fan game! :)

    I got game maker back! I restored my computer and trying to create Sushigatchi back, and it's was notepad files because when I clicked them they opened notepad now I just have lite version