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    Bigger guide to Karma

    Well the only real guide to Karma is the Topic starting it but (I know a lot of members are wondering) a lot of questions about I.E Is yellow Karma good, what is it and The same thing with orange Karma I think Admin and The guides should make a guide to Karma about what is it etc, It would be...
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    Tama Corner Shop 2 Is On Yesaisa!

    I was wondering through out Yesaisa and I went in to the games section and This Came Up It looks like Tamagotchi Corner Shop 2 :nyatchi: But If you serch tamagotchi This doesen't come up weird... But I really wanna get it :D unless It's just corner shop one :D But isn't it cool!
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    Pinned Topic About...

    Well In Non Tamatalk I've seen alot of avatar making topics.... don't those belong in fun stuff ;) . There should be a pinned note about where they go kinda like the Topic about Adoution topics because I see Avatar Topics In Fun stuff and Non Tamatalk ;)
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    Yay Yay Yay I'm back!

    Well I was at "The cabin" and I forgot to post in departures and There's not a computer there :huh: but I juist got back :D and It's nice to be home and on tamatalk!
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    Shell-ection Week 3 There's new diegns! I voted for fans! Discuss the new ones here :D
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    En-tama Growth Charts!

    Yes I know there not very good but they are here by me except I find them quite bad :unsure: Mametchi Family Memetchi Family Kuchipatchi Family I don't know why I don't like them :) But I have to admit there not the best :huh:
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    Close Old News Topics In

    Well it's really annoying how New Tamatalk Guide Always gets Bumped It makes me think that There realy is one! Kylesmum has been a guide for 3 months I think she knows that and Blogagotchi Everyone knows about that too >.< should we close these topics???
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    TMGC Shoes!

    On the japenses tama webbie! If you look there's TMGC shoes :unsure: I want a pair ^_^ there cool eh?
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    ♥I thought of a new game for V4 or V5!♥

    Catch would be like a cross betwin V2 Jump,V3 sprint and V2/3 Heading, what would happen was your tama was running and to make it speed up rapidly tap A then C, A then C etc and then a frissbie (well a dot :( ) would fly on to the screen you tap B when your tama should jump to catch it this...
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    Corner Shop = V4? No

    I've heard alot of people saying that corner shop was the V4 It wasn't for one thing it's not a tamagotchi and another thing it was released before the V3 tama so It can't be the V4 for two resons. Also I've heard afew roumurs from my friends on the V4 one thing they siad it would be in color (I...
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    Weird bug on tamatalk...

    Well I've made alot of siggys and all of them are under 500 chracters like the last one I tried B4 this one was 403 and It said your siggy is too long why is this and why does it happen my siggy is sopposed to be 500 long and I can't even get it 400 long could admin fix this please or did...
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    Tamagotchi's Name: Cheka Tamagotchi's Age: Six Date of Birth: 4/18/2006 Date of Passing: Today What Generation? One With a baby. Your Comments: You just ran out of batterys I clicked download and it said I had a egg insted of :rolleyes: with a baby I cried for you I'm so sad. RIP Cheka...
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    Omg I'm so sad

    When I was putting the battery back into my tama The tama broke I clicked "download" and all that happen was the egg poped up on the screen Now Cheka who is now cheko is a baby agian and all her friends and her baby are gone she never died and alsow even thought she had a baby boy it says Gen 1...
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    What is this?

    What are these? I think they might be like tama holders but theykinda look like yo-yos too? :furawatchi: What do you think they are?
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    Are entamas worth it?

    Thanks I really want an en-tama but I'm wondering are they worth it? Please only vote if you have in en-tama/cho jensing! :huh: Please Reply Too and say how much you payed for it too!
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    Fix posting images

    It should be fixed we have to link to the image insted of just posting it look does not work just says Insted if the smiely i picked Could Admin fix this please!
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    Oh oh

    There might be a tamagotchi theif my friend put her tama down (like really close to her) and like 1 minute later the tama was gone :huh: also the same thing happened to someone else! I have the most tamas at my school and I'm really worried my friend and I are gonna play with fake tamas and...
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    The magic Door!

    One day there were 4 :furawatchi:s Angel,Ajax,Kirby and Cheka (my tamas) ONe day they all went to the cafe. Later at the cafe Ajax had to use the washroom he got the key from the front desk and went in, the washroom was big really big for a one person washroom he went throught it some more...
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    Two boards In Suggestions

    Well I think that they should be divided (I know it would be alot of work) but when you read HUGE SUGGESTION Or something you can know Is it for Tamas Or For Tamatalk? But yeah It's just a suggestion!
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    What the heck is a Blinkie

    Could someone post a piture of one or something like that please!