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  1. tamaninjacat

    tamaninjacat's Tamagotchi Corner

    It's a new Tama log! :ichigotchi:  I've been getting a wee bit bored with Tamagotchis as of late, so I think keeping a log will help continue my interest. Without further ado, it's time to meet the tamas. Fairy ON First up we have the twins, Hilda and Marianne, on the Fairy ON. It's been a...
  2. tamaninjacat

    Christmas 2018 Hatch Log!

    Hello everyone! The hatch doesn't start until tomorrow, but I decided to make the topic in advance for early hatches and people in other time zones. ^_^  Happy hatching!
  3. tamaninjacat

    Christmas Hatch 2018!

    Since Christmas is a little over two weeks away, I thought it would be best to start organizing this year's Christmas hatch! Any vpet is welcomed and we'll start the hatch on Christmas (as one would assume :P ). Since Christmas day can be very busy for some people, starting on Christmas Eve or...
  4. tamaninjacat

    Good Replacment for Sound Wires?

    I have a couple of old tamas that lost their sound a few years ago and I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for replacing the sound wires? I have the original ones, but I think it would be easier to repair them with an alternative wire. What type of wire will work best?
  5. tamaninjacat

    Tamagotchi V5 Button Problems

    Yesterday, I took apart and cleaned/fixed an old V5 of mine. However, I'm having some problems with the buttons. When I press them they either don't respond, or they over respond (the tama thinks I pressed the button two or even three times when I only pressed it once). The contacts and buttons...
  6. tamaninjacat

    Why do You Lose Interest in Tamas?

    I just recently started running my tamas again and it made me wonder, why do you guys take breaks from using your tamas? Normally for me it's the fact that I simply get tired of them and I just need a break. Occasionally school makes my life too busy or life starts getting stressful, but I...
  7. tamaninjacat

    Nuzlocke Question

    So I'm doing a Nuzlocke in my Pokemon Diamond version and I was wondering if you guys could clarify something for me. I currently have an Onix that I can't evolve because I don't have another 4th gen game to trade to. However, I can encounter Steelix on Victory Road (which is where I'm currently...
  8. tamaninjacat

    What Shiny Pokemon have you Caught?

    So this weekend I was looking for a shiny Rockruff in my Pokemon Moon game. I wasn't expecting that I'd be able to find one but I was pleasantly surprised! This is the fourth shiny that I've successfully caught so I was wondering, what shiny Pokemon have you guys caught? Mine are as follows...
  9. tamaninjacat

    Christmas Group Hatch Log!

    Hello and Merry Christmas Eve everyone! I decide to make the Christmas Group Hatch Log today in case I end up being too busy tomorrow. The people who have currently signed up are: psychotama: P2 Tamacass: V4, V5, or V6 Loganator144: Tamagotchi Friends JesterXLady: Anniversary M!x La Mamba...
  10. tamaninjacat

    Christmas Group Hatch!

    Hello everyone! It's been awhile since the last group hatch so I thought it would be great to have one for Christmas! You can join with any Vpet you'd like and the hatch will, of course, start on Christmas day. All you have to do to sign up is post which Tamagotchi (or other Vpet) you'll be...
  11. tamaninjacat

    Beach in the Backyard?

    So I was playing with my new M!x today when I decided to have my tama go to the backyard. When she got there I was shocked to see a beach! She sat down in the chair for awhile before some pineapple guy showed her that the beach was a fake. I'm not quite sure what just happened, has it happened...
  12. tamaninjacat

    Question About Painting my Tamagotchi

    Hey guys! I was thinking of ways to customize my V1 (because I already put a custom background in it) and I realized that painting my Tamagotchi would be fun. What paint do you guys recommend me using? (Preferably one that won't rub off really fast. :P ) Any other tips?
  13. tamaninjacat

    My Wii U Won't Read my Disc?

    So for the past few days I've been trying to play Splatoon on my Wii U but it keeps saying that the disc is dirty and needs to be cleaned. However, my copy of Splatoon is absolutely spotless. Is it my game or my Wii U? Has anyone else had this problem? By the way, it only happens with Splatoon...
  14. tamaninjacat

    Splatoon Splatfest Question

    So I was participating in Splatfest when I noticed something. So obviously the team colors are orange (for future) and blue (for past) but I noticed that occasionally the colors are like pink and green (or something else). And when I noticed when the colors change like that the two teams are on...
  15. tamaninjacat

    My V4.5 Randomly Reset Itself?

    When I started my V4.5 a few days ago it just randomly reset itself. It didn't even give me the option to download or reset, it just reset. Does anyone know why it did this?
  16. tamaninjacat

    What Hogwarts House Are You in?

    Just wondering. I'm personally a Ravenclaw. ^_^
  17. tamaninjacat

    Goodbye Luna

    I was on a drive with my family this evening an I brought my V4.5, Luna, with me. She had just gotten married and had a beautiful baby girl but she unfortunately passed on at the age of 6 years old. Luna was a special adult (Ura Memetchi's special evolution) and she will be missed. :(
  18. tamaninjacat

    Thanksgiving Hatch!

    Hello fellow fellow members of TT! We are only 13 days away from Thanksgiving so I thought it would be fun to start a hatch! The hatch will start on Thanksgiving day (A.K.A. Thursday, November 26th) and will end whenever your tama leaves. You don't have to use just tamas for this hatch, other...
  19. tamaninjacat

    Where to Find Patches and Downloads for the P's?

    I was wondering where I could download patches and regular dowloads (items, rooms, etc.) from. The patches I'm hoping to find would be the English patch and DP patch (so I can download the new VDP). Please help. :P
  20. tamaninjacat

    iD L Download Problems

    I got a new IR adapter for my birthday today and I was trying to use it to download stuff onto my iD L however, it's not working. My tama appears to be trying to connect to my computer (the connect hearts turn red) but it can't seem to. Is it a problem with my new IR adapter (this one...