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    how to make choosing a song go faster

    ok so you first pick a song EXAMPLE:pop music. then you will here the song. next you exit out of the song wile it was playing then press A and it goes faster when you choose a song.
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    tosatachi in music city

    ok so i went on music city and i saw a tosatchi and its eyes were all dark blue and no other color in the eyes. i also notice its Id is small. and i see this every time i see a tosatchi in music city. so what is happining here?
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    is there going to be a v6.5 tamatown?

    is there going to be a v6.5 tama town? or is it just going to be in the v6 tama town? it should be in the v6 tama town because v4.5s could be in the v4 tama town.but the v6 tama town has a charictor list and they change the charactors on each and every version so i wonder what is going to happen...
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    my tama answserd the door by its self

    MY TAMA ANWERD ITS VISTER BY ITS SELF. :o :o :o BUT HOW? :o :o ;) :wacko:
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    the tama invators

    one day there was a :ichigotchi: that was about to plant her gartens when all of a sudden a alien that is a :lol: that sucked :kuribotchi: in to his space ship.then he said"i have no invator acictint"so she said"well i will be a vice invator. then they traveld around intill they got to a...
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    odd i am seeing only 3 tamas in the constest

    there are only mametchi memetchi and kuchipatchis in the voteing area. no other charicters so whats happening?
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    my v4 is pushing its buttons its self

    so all of a sodden on my v4 (that i lost a long long time ago) i was here non stop beeps and i saw all of the icons on it sooming throu my screen and i had when i tryed going to time screen the aro on yes or no would just go up and down super fast.but the tama charicter was moven the way it...
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    i found a glitch in music city

    ok so go to GOTCHI RECORDS and go to ranking(the darn loading) and you will be at the popular song switch to visters ranking it will wait then IT WILL GO BACK TO POPULAR SONGS RANKING.why wont it let me view the visters rank.but it use to. :huh: :D ;) :wacko:
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    leave brittney alone video

    hey go to www. leave brittney and it SHOULD be the first link.and it will make you go lol. :D :P
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    about memory in the book icon

    if you have 4 generations(or over)go to your memory/ will not see your first generation tama it only shows you your last 3 tamas that you had. oh and i hope you could understand this. :D
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    makiko123's MUSIC STAR LOG

    ok so here my mametchi married a (i forget the name)girl and the baby is a girl. so here is mametchi's status: HUNGER:*000 HAPPEY:***0 NAME:Don STREES:00 TONE:692 RHYTHEM:999 ORIGINAL:822 classical music and its band members are DANIEL thats a tosacatchi and paul thats a gozerotchi.and...
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    my maskgotchi

    Tamagotchi's name:???? Tamagotchi's Age: ??? Date of Birth:??? Date of Passing: long long time ago one year before this What Generation? 1 i think Your Comments: it was a :angry: on v4 it was a sad momet waaaaaaaa.........cry..sniffle i am so sorryyyyyy......
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    spanish typeing in music city

    ok well i went to add some one in my friend list (it was the picture when you have too much friends)it said spanish words i did not know what it said and it use to say englesh words but every thing else like the games were englesh :) and also the new area thing i clicket there and it said...
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    music star smell good

    well i have other tamagotchis that have no smell. then comes the music star it smells good. what happend to the tama?,did it get touched by the one who has perfum on there hands and touched the buttons? :angry:
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    just want to know how old does your tama

    what age does a tama have to be when evolving into an olde ------------------ look at that post meet mametchi ________ ( ^ ^ ) (___*_____)
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    my tama game starter song

    ok i wanted to play a game (this is not a big prob)and the song went like this da da da and go fast.something like that. well i will just say it was different tone than the reel game start but the animations were the same :D .this happend like a month ago or something but it...
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    how do you debug a tamagotchi v6

    how do you debug a music star tama i reely reely wona know :wub: :lol: :lol:
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    do any of you guys , girls know about digipets because i have one :) :D :D :)
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    tamagotchi v6 wont grow to teen from todler

    my tama wont evolve in to a teen and it was at least one day :o :( and the age is stil at zero :huh: :rolleyes: :( what do i do peaple :huh: :huh: