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  1. psychotama

    Can't Believe I'm Back Here: a Tama Log :)

    It’s been a while but I’m back. I’ve been out of the tama game for a long time now. My obsession was at its peak around 2016-2018 and I gradually lost steam due to multiple reasons including crippling depression in grad school and an addiction to League of Legends. I’ve raised a couple of tamas...
  2. psychotama

    Photobucket Fix

    Guys! If you download an extension on chrome, you can see all of the photos that were lost when Photobucket changed their policy. I just downloaded it and now I can see all of the pictures in my log again. Google: photobucket broken links fix chrome This will fix everything. Obviously, only...
  3. psychotama

    Santaclautch is Comin' to Town!

    Hi everyone! In the spirit of the holiday season, I decided to write a log dedicated to the Santaclautch. I know that this tama is rather uncommon and a lot of people are curious about it. I think it will be good to have an organized space for me to write. I plan to update my main log soon...
  4. psychotama

    Ocean Adventures -A Tamagotchi Ocean Log

    I recently purchased an Umino Tamagotch and received it in the mail today. I haven't updated my current log in a while, but I wanted to document my first experiences with the ocean. I plan to put this information into my other log at some point, but this way I can keep things more organized...
  5. psychotama

    Modern Tama Recommendation

    Hi guys. So I have kind of been out of the tama loop for quite some time now. The latest Tamas I played with were the V4 (which I loved). And, I have been playing with nothing but vintage Tamas recently. I would like to try out one of the color Tamas, but I'm not really sure which one would be...
  6. psychotama

    A New Beginning

    *ATTENTION: ALL OF THE PHOTOS ON MY LOG CAN NOW BE VIEWED BY DOWNLOADING A CHROME EXTENSION - google photobucket broken links fix chrome and click the first result. Downloading this fixes all of the broken pictures!* I'm not quite sure how to begin. My journey with Tamagotchi began about...
  7. psychotama

    Symphonic Metal

    Symphonic Metal fuses two of my favorite genres- classical and metal. Being American, I rarely find anyone who loves this music as much as I do. The majority of the bands are foreign (Finnish, German, Russian) but most of the lyrics are in English. Some of my favorites are Nightwish, Epica...
  8. psychotama

    Holy Ghost (Holy Spirit)

    This is for people who believe in God, if you don't please respect the people who do and don't turn this into a religious debate. I recently recieved the Holy Ghost and I wonder how many people on TamaTalk have. Please post your experience and discuss God's awesome power =) If you believe in...
  9. psychotama

    Symphonic Opera Metal

    Ok so not many people listen to this stuff where I live...Im kind of the kid that listens to strange music haha. I got started with Nightwish and then got into Within Temptation, some Epica, stuff like that. So anyone else like this music? I just found a really good band a month or two ago...
  10. psychotama

    Epic Pokemon Stadium

    Ok well there used to be a Pokemon Stadium topic on here forever ago but I havent been on in like 3 years so I'm gonna start a new one! Basically on your first post, Describe your trainer appearance, and list your party pokemon that you'll be using in battles. All pokemon will be level 100...
  11. psychotama


    So who plays the most beautiful instrument in the world? It's so quirky and difficult at times D: but you gotta love it! discuss....
  12. psychotama

    Tama Log

    Well sad to say, but my collection of over 40 tamas has been sitting in a box for the past couple years...yep, I know, it's awful. I used to be completely obsessed with them and they just got kind of old. But my nephew asked about them the other day and I said oh yeah...those things. And I...
  13. psychotama


    Hey guys. I've been playing clarinet for 5 years and I randomly decided I wanted to play the oboe. I've been playing for about a month now and have progressed very nicely. I finished the first Essential Elements book for oboe about a week ago. I just wondered if I could get some tips...
  14. psychotama

    Washington DC

    I went on a 8th grade trip to DC a few weeks ago and it was amazing. Im sure some of you have gone so this is just a discussion topic about it. Discuss away...
  15. psychotama

    Text Story

    Okay me and my friend were bored one day so we decided to write a story over text messages. (I know we are huge nerds xD) We got so into it that the story went on for over a week. It was great. I enjoy writing and editing other peoples writing so it was a lot of fun. I wonder.....has anyone ever...
  16. psychotama

    American Idol

    If you've been watching the show, just tell your favorite contestants so far.   I really like Allison. She reminds me of P!nk. I also like Adam. His melodic screaming is amazing 0.0
  17. psychotama

    Portal Runner

    Has anyone heard of the game Portal Runner for PS2? I feel like I'm the only person that has played it XD It's an adventure game about an army base reporter Vikki G. that gets thrown through a portal and is trying to get back to her army base. It's kind of old but I just wondered if anyone had...
  18. psychotama

    My V.5 Log ^^

    I just started my V.5 again. It is the Cookie Dough design. The eggs just hatched and I got a Mimifuwatchi, an Omutchi, and a Futabatchi.   Here are their stats as of this time: Hungry: ♥♥♥♥ Happy: ♥♥♥♥ Bonds: 0% Blended Family Gen. 1 10 Gp     -psycho
  19. psychotama


    Any Flyleaf fans out there? I ♥ them
  20. psychotama

    The Present Game

    I posted this game a long time ago. Some of you older members might remember it.   Okay this is how it goes: You describe a box and the next person makes up what is in the box. Then he/she describes the next present box.   Ex. 1st person: Large blue box with a metallic green bow. Next...