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  1. phnx0313

    Rep Point Notification

    (Did not see Suggestion Topic for this, so I made one.) I am not exactly sure how anyone else may feel, but I have seen a few times in status... When someone gets a rep point, they want to know where it is from. I found myself thinking this recently, as I cannot find my last rep point post...
  2. phnx0313

    v6 Growth Questions

    I have been under the impression that Music Star Growth is based on Hearts at the time of Evolution. Both of my little ones just woke and evolved... in their sleep within the last 20 minute. One boy... a Hinotamatchi, evolved into a Tosakatchi. However, he has 3 Hungry and 2 Happy Heart... 09...
  3. phnx0313

    New Tama-Go Colors.

    I am currently on Ebay (as usual while on TamaTalk) and I see sales for Pink, Black and Purple Tama-Go. It made me happy, so I decided to post in case anyone else was curious. ^^;; Note:: Does any actually own the new colors and have pics to post? I would like to see, if not too much...
  4. phnx0313

    ~NEW Tama Chronicles:: Phnx0313~

    HERE IT IS:: A new, cleaner log for all to enjoy! Since my logs on TamaTalk were getting to be quite long, I decided I needed a solution. Thus, I now have a Blog, called The Bleeping Egg. Unfortunately I could not sign up for blogagotchi, but blogspot will do. So far the interface is not too...
  5. phnx0313

    ~Tama Chronicles:: Phnx0313~

    I wonder if anyone will read this... If you do read... please send PM to me? o.o [Note:: Especially if there is difficulty understanding me. English is my native, but so is Creole.] Since at this point in time I do not have a working Tama, this log is Early. November 12th I purchased a...
  6. phnx0313

    Question about "Versions"

    Sorry if this has already been discussed... After a few weeks of looking through the site as a Guest I have finally joined. Currently I am starting/continuing my own Tama collection, however I am not sure of the different "versions"... especially when pictures are involved. (Example:: I read...