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  1. 321Boom

    Looking for octopus genes

    Hello, you can always use the MyMeets program to select the Tama with octopus genes and marry it :)  All you need is a pc with Windows 10, and a Bluetooth 4.0 dongle that supports BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). Here's a link to the MyMeets program:
  2. 321Boom

    Mod Break

    ...19!!! :hitodetchi: :hitodetchi: :hitodetchi:
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  4. 321Boom

    Tama not hatching, can't set time

    Ah dang, you did everything right, then there isn't really much else you can do except put in buttons from another vintage Tama that will fit :(   Regarding your screw issue, the Japanese vintage Tamas (and probably even later versions like the Akai, Japanese Connection, etc) use JIS screws...
  5. 321Boom

    Tama not hatching, can't set time

    Awesome!! REALLY happy to hear it worked after your efforts  :D  Enjoy your vintage Tama  :)  As for the buttons not being SUPER responsive, it's hit and miss unfortunately from my experience, but at least you still end up with it being usable. When I took apart my (and also my friend's) V4s and...
  6. 321Boom

    olde teen

    That's a P2 re-release, not a Mini. According to the Tama wiki for the originals (, it states: 'It will evolve into a teen at the age of 3, and into an adult by the age of 6.' Yours being age 8 and not an adult yet is quite weird. Have you...
  7. 321Boom

    4 Screws under backplate for Tamagotchi Connection

    Hello :)   while I don't know the size of the screws, I do know that a JIS size 0 screwdriver fits perfectly for those screws under the backplate, maybe that could help you in finding out the size of those screws.
  8. 321Boom

    Tama not hatching, can't set time

    I would try cleaning it as Penguin-keeper stated. It could be that you can't set the time because the B button isn't actually making contact. It happened to a friend of mine a couple of months ago where her C button wasn't working AT ALL, no matter how hard you press on it. I've revived more...
  9. 321Boom

    Mod Break

    :hitodetchi: 13!!! :hitodetchi:
  10. 321Boom

    Tamagotchi on sleep schedule

    Awesome info about the sleep schedule @Berks Regarding the age up times, it's an hour for baby to child, and 24 hours for the child and teen evolutions  :D
  11. 321Boom

    Glue on tamgotchi screen!!

    You might want to look into Displex or Polywatch to buff those scratches from the screen  :)
  12. 321Boom

    Mod Break

    :puroperatchi: :wacko: 5!! :wacko: :puroperatchi:
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    :newmametchi: :newmametchi: 3!! :newmametchi: :newmametchi:
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  16. 321Boom

    New Llama Blog

    Hello, and welcome to the forums :D  Cute Tamas btw! :)  To answer some of your questions: Yep, you definitely can marry on the app, and your Adult Tama will come back with a baby with it. You take care of the baby for an hour as usual and your Adult Tama will leave. You can visit your...
  17. 321Boom

    New Record!

    That's awesome! :)  Hitting a new personal best is always cool. Well done, and keep raising those Tamas! :D :lol:
  18. 321Boom

    Hey Y'all

    I love it when your crazy side comes out lol, you crack me up when you show this side of yourself haha :lol:  
  19. 321Boom

    Osutchi and Mesutchi didn't evolve into their Senior form

    Thanks for that link, I'll definitely make good use of it! It's especially helpful seeing a log of someone obtaining Ningyotchi (the mermaid), I really like her. Yeah, it's a tough little Tama I'll give it that, you'd really need to dedicate a week to it I imagine. Running it at the office is...
  20. 321Boom

    Mod Break

    Dang, didn't notice Penguin-keeper broke it on the next page x_X Off we go again. . . 1!!! Thankfully yeah, me and my family are very close  :D Ohhhh yeah, you absolutely have no idea how leafy I can actually be hahaha  :lol: