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  1. phnx0313

    A Dear Diary

    Hello there. Comments are okay, yes?? Your Magic On is gorgeous and the twins are super adorable, even with puffy cloud hair. <3 ~Phnx
  2. phnx0313

    Need help differentiating Tamagotchis

    Has it arrived yet? (I found it on the actual site) I wanna know if it's in japanese now. o.o ~Phnx
  3. phnx0313

    Need help differentiating Tamagotchis

    Okay. I am only recently coming back to the forums, but... I want to offer my little insight. I do not think that was one of the first v4.5 release designs... Looked online in a few places and the people I have seen with logs about this design say it was v4 and logged onto v4 Tamatown. I am...
  4. phnx0313

    What Version is this Tamagotchi?

    I am going to final guess that it is a Version 2, Milky Blue as the others have posted. The only real question at this point is whether you have ordered a Japanese or English verison. The number order in the picture looks closer to 10/13 than 15/12... (There is a slight glare so I honestly...
  5. phnx0313

    ~NEW Tama Chronicles:: Phnx0313~

    And I return... Again. Hello TamaTalk Family... I have returned again. My last entry here was followed by shame and sadness. I did not want to tell you all, but I accidentally let poor little Getsu pass away. To read the story of my little Ninja's Demise... See &gt;&gt; BLEEP POST &lt;&lt...
  6. phnx0313

    Music Star not evolving?

    The first and always most important question... Have you paused your tama at any point in time since the new toddler was born? ~Phnx
  7. phnx0313

    What's so great about Vintage Tamas?

    Those poll choices are quite limited. (I skipped the poll) I like my vintages and do not see a problem with them. My only issue with vintage tama is that I have weird sleeping habits and prefer time changing over pauses. I know vintage tama can be paused in a sense, but those 4 hrs over the...
  8. phnx0313

    Rep Point Notification

    Before this reaches the 3 month NecroThread limit, I just wanted to check in and see if Admin has any new information on a Notification system for Rep Points as I have not heard or seen anything yet. ~Phnx
  9. phnx0313

    ~NEW Tama Chronicles:: Phnx0313~

    Update... Update... Update! If you wish to view Today's Full Entry... visit my Blog:: The*Bleeping*Egg Ahh, the 2nd was SOOO hectic. However, I have a new scale and should hopefully be getting a little money. Thus... I am Happy! The movie Purple Rain was on a few hours ago. Mom and I...
  10. phnx0313

    Pausing Tamagotchi+Color

    (Just in case you end up wondering HOW to get to the Clock Set Screen) After pushing the Middle B button to cycle through the 3 screens. 1.) Inside the House 2.) Outside the house 3.) Clock Screen On the Clock Screen push A + C buttons at the same time. Number should start blinking... This...
  11. phnx0313

    ~NEW Tama Chronicles:: Phnx0313~

    Am I a Tama Talk Ghost, now? o.o May 1st was my last Tama Talk entry... After that things kind of went all unstable. -_____-;; You can read about the events since then in these Two Bleep Entries below if you wish. JULY 11 2011:: &gt;&gt; I wish Time could Stop &lt;&lt; TODAY:: &gt;&gt; Am...
  12. phnx0313

    Mobile angeltama evolution

    I have the Mobile TamaAngel app... As long as you have at least 3 Deed points, you should not get Takoten. When my Deed points were 0 I usually ended up with Takoten. The best way to avoid this problem is to not let the bat steal the starting points... Or keep the app open 3 - 6 hours and...
  13. phnx0313

    MY V6 family stayed...

    Stop pausing. Should fix the problem. ~Phnx
  14. phnx0313

    Where can i buy a japanese v5?

    Sad to say you probably are not going to be able to get a Japanese v5 for under 20$ unless you find a private seller in a money pinch. I got mine from someone on another Tamagotchi Site for 7$ in great condition. It was a very lucky find and I ended up buying around 10+ Tama from them in order...
  15. phnx0313

    2 waves of music star?

    Not completely sure, but I think Feel the Beat might be a Wave 1. To try and help with the "Glitch Fear"... I went through this same question after purchasing my first v6 Star. I now own both a "Wave 1" and "Wave 2" both with strange features. My Glam Rock Wave 1 has the reverse (Day/Month)...
  16. phnx0313


    Yep, a Deka. ~Phnx
  17. phnx0313

    the most suitable tama..?

    I am saying... the v1 pauses the same as the v2. You push A + B. I have two v1 and they are on pause right now. Or are you talking about Vintage? Those are P1/P2... ~Phnx
  18. phnx0313

    the most suitable tama..?

    Strange to ask this... Just push A + B together? That pauses them like the v2. It actually says "Pause" when done... ~Phnx
  19. phnx0313

    Hey tamatalk....

    You should really use the search option bar at the top of TamaTalk and look around before posting questions. It's much faster, helps keep the site clean and prevents "Repeat Threads" &gt;&gt; TMGO LOGIN THREAD &lt;&lt; (That should help you with the steps of Logging into Tamatown with your...
  20. phnx0313

    My hedgehog Opal

    UWAH! You finally got one! So cute... (and I love the name) Let me know how it is having her? Smells, Cuddle Ability, Persona, Care... etc. ~Phnx