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  1. Eggiweg

    Cute pet/Eggy

    I got this odd pet in a lot, and it initially didn't work, but after disassembling it, I found that one of the capacitors on the board had come loose and the metal part that connects the two LR44 batteries together was missing. It comes in a dinkie dino shaped shell, and from the sprites, I...
  2. Eggiweg

    Nana Moon Character

    I haven't found much info on this virtual pet made by M&D, so I started a topic hoping to catalog some of the characters I get. There a guide for this pet by Melissatchi on Instagram: MOON FAIRY-PET GUIDE.pdf?dl=0 Alongside raising your pet...
  3. Eggiweg

    Digimon V2 Re-release

    Anyone have any info on the digimon V2 rerelease tamapalace posted about last month? The post states that the software has been upgraded, but the descriptions on the pre-order sites seem to be the same as the previous rerelease...
  4. Eggiweg

    Purple Cat Odd Pet

    Can anyone identify this oddpet?
  5. Eggiweg

    Eco Triplets on Tamagotchi Meets

    Does anyone know the full list of items you can get from the eco triplets? So far I have only managed to get the eco badge and fork (50% off restaurant items).  Particularly interested in knowing if the eco bag (50% off toys) can be obtained.
  6. Eggiweg

    Additional site themes

    Any chance of a dark theme?
  7. Eggiweg

    Digital Monster X

    Anyone got info on the new Digital Monster X releases?
  8. Eggiweg

    GigapetsARe back?
  9. Eggiweg

    Roco battling ball

    Anyone come across these virtual pets before? Link to lot. They come with a color lcd screen and appear to have some sort of bluetooth connectivity and battling function. When mine arrives I'll log it, but if anyone has any info on them, it'd be much appreciated.
  10. Eggiweg

    Patterns for tamagotchi cases

    I've been making some cases for my tamas and there aren't a lot of free patterns out there so I thought I'd share. Basic principle, crochet a circle until if fits the back, make the sides, then finish off with a slip stitch. You may want to randomise your increases to get more of a circle...
  11. Eggiweg

    Aliexpress virtual pets

    I was wondering if any of you had come across these tamaschool based virtual pets and knew what kind of rom they run?
  12. Eggiweg

    Unlocking Gozaru Village

    I somehow managed to unlock gozaru village on my blue dream m!x without owning a mermaid conch nor having unlocked mermaid palace. I unlocked it by purchasing the gozaru wallpaper, and then playing with my adult tama's favourite toy (skateboard). Somehow, instead of playing with the...