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    There is another Tamatown site?

    Hi! I've just logged back in for the first time since 2009 (!!!!) and i would love to know how you got the link to work?! It wont work for me because flash no longer exists, and im so dying to play tamatown again :(
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    back me up

    ive never had this problem but i know lots of people that have does the tamagotchi work at all or does it not do anything ? because if it does work then it might not be a fake, it might just be from a different country. i hope u have better luck in future. remember to look for the bandi sign...
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    Im back :)

    Hi , its rosie12 here :) Im back :) i havnt been on for a long time so im getting used to everything again :) Just mail me if u wanna be mates xx Love from rosie12 x :gozarutchi: :mellow:
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    Helee! ~my word for Hello!

    Hi and welcome to tamatalk :) :mellow: Im Rosie12 (real name rosie) and im 12 years old. Even though im almost a teenager i still love playing with tamagotchis and have 10 , gonna be 11 soon cause im getting a new version 6 :) I hope you have a good time here, i sure do ;) If you...
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    Questions ? xx

    Hi everybody :) Im Rosie12 and if you have any questions just ask me, im willing to help :) I dont have a version 6 yet so please no questions about them but i can help with any other version. I have 10 tamas so i am pretty clued up on them. x i hope i can help xx   Love from Rosie12 xx...
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    ;) There is this boy in my class called Troy and I really like him. I don't know if he likes me or not. When he sees me he smiles and jokes but if i have to work in a group with him he sighs. I also think he migh fancy my best mate called jemma. I really want to ask him out but i don't have the...
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    What pets do you have?

    Just wondering what pets you have? I have 2 cats called Bella and Gillespie and I also have a hamster called Smokey which I only got about a week ago.
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    Does your version five have a pause feature?

    Mine dosn't. It's so anoying!
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    new v5

    Thats the design i got. Did u get it from argos? I did!
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    new v5

    Thats the design i got. Did u get it from argos? I did
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    Hey, mine just did that to. LOL!
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    I have 2 in each ear. Plannng to get my nose done but mum and dad say I have to wait till i'm 14. POO!
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    What's your fave

    Mines blue,green or silver. I can't decide! ;)
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    how many tamas do you have?

    I ahve 9 but i'm getting a new one soon. A V5!
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    Goosebumps books

    24!! There is something like 57!! LOL
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    Is this ok?

    Just the very first bit of my book called Trauma: Chapter 1 My heart was pounding.Tears streamed down my face. They were fighting, as usual. I heard the front door slam. I looked out the window and saw mum pace down the drive. She looked up and I tried to hide but she saw me. Through tears I...
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    Goosebumps books

    I have loads. I have all of them as I've been collecting for 6 years or so. I'm addicted!
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    Hi,u can PM me if u have any questions. P.S Welcome to Tama Talk LOL!!!!!!!
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    What is your favorite item on Club Penguin?

    I like the Sued Jackets. I have all the colours and thats what I always wear in the winter.
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    Need a name!

    Thanks guys!