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  1. Bentobuff

    Magic The Gathering

    True true! And woah that's quite a list of TCGs!!! And I feel you on the moneysink. I currently only run one deck, and may eventually run another, but I prefer tuning this one up. But when friends have expressed an interest in learning to play my advice to them is simply "Don't do it. It's a...
  2. Bentobuff

    How do i sneak a Tamagotchi into a Private School?

    I used to sneak SO many tamagotchi into school. I ran up to 7 of the vintage tamas and connections at once in high school. And I was BRAZEN about it, wore them all on a very loud lanyard as they rattled when I walked between classes. 😂 Now this was 10 years ago in a public school and I'm sure...
  3. Bentobuff

    Magic The Gathering

    Sadly shops will sometimes rip people off. That said, darn, could've been sitting on a pile of coins, please tell me you didn't have a Black lotus! Weirdly enough, the MTG used card market is basically like the stock market. I think it's bad for the format, with certain cards being worth so...
  4. Bentobuff

    Magic The Gathering

    If you still have your old cards they might be worth something-for example, if you have an alpha llanowar elves, you have a small pile of money! That said, green gets soooo much love! You might really enjoy it if you come back to it. (。・//ε//・。)
  5. Bentobuff

    Magic The Gathering

    Does anyone else play MTG? I had my shiny new Eva Tama with me and checked on it when one of my opponents asked "is that a Tamagotchi?" When I said it was my Evangelion his eyes about popped out with excitement so I let him play with it a little between his turns :lol: But it got me wondering...
  6. Bentobuff

    Deciding which tamagotchi to get….(i’ve ‘narrowed it down’ to two)

    Smart! It's more compact(not stuck on the bulky band) you can add more content with the smacards, and last I looked, CHEAPER! But if it being in Japanese and potentially needing to use Google translate's camera feature to understand the text is an issue, go with the On.
  7. Bentobuff

    Hi my name is a lie

    NGL, I thought you were referencing gacha games :lol: But anyway welcome to the forum!!!
  8. Bentobuff

    what have you got in the mail today *continued* <3

    My replacement Eva arrived last night! I'm so glad they didn't jump up in price over the past year 😍
  9. Bentobuff

    Where to find Uratamas Cheap

    Have you checked the Tamagotchi buy/sell/trade group on Facebook? I got my entama for about $20 or $25 USD back in 2020, but I will note that you're unlikely to get one in great shape. Mine had yellowing, and was a bit beat up. Still a great deal IMO as I tend to put silicone skins on mine, or...
  10. Bentobuff

    RIP My Eva

    Right?! I'm just SO thankful that it was a good reminder where I could still get an affordable identical replacement and it wasn't, you know, my DEVILGOTCHI. I would simply expire if that happened. 😭 But yeah, I'm not gonna keep any tamas in my pockets anymore except for my digimon mini, or on...
  11. Bentobuff

    RIP My Eva

    I lost it and couldn't find it to save my life. Turns out I forgot to take it out of my work slacks pocket and it went in the wash. Thankfully, because of the silicone case, the acid didn't get loose in my work slacks. I thought it fell off my keys and when I didn't see it on the break table at...
  12. Bentobuff

    RIP My Eva

    Found my missing Eva. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Gonna try salvaging it but odds are it'll just become spare parts. Replacement unit arriving tomorrow Do you have any Tama tragedies you feel like sharing? Edit: I've since cleaned all the parts off, now it's just waiting for them all to dry thoroughly and then...
  13. Bentobuff

    Questions about the Tamagotchi Smart hardware

    I haven't played with mine enough to answer all the questions, but for your last two, yup! It comes with a little charging cable and is thankfully removable from the bulky wristband! :angry:
  14. Bentobuff

    Deciding what to play with

    Maybe instead of playing with a bunch of devices, consider just the pacman nano, and then go through your collection, see who needs new screws, and order replacement screws? I've been procrastinating on making a video about how to defeat damaged screws when entirely stripped, but if there's any...
  15. Bentobuff

    My Tamagotchi mini Kuchipatchi which is 8 years old has not become a special.

    According to the tamagotchi fandom wiki, it notes they come from good care with that character. How many care misses have you had? source:
  16. Bentobuff

    tamagotchi keitai cellphone connection?

    Just because the site is dead doesn't mean the link or file doesn't work. The program I talked about does still launch, provided you're on a windows machine (I'm on windows 10, can't vouch for 11). I also still find it a useful resource and have clipped a fair few pages from there when running a...
  17. Bentobuff

    tamagotchi keitai cellphone connection?

    Found the enwarehouse program! Took a lil hunting, but it's on Tamenagerie now. Just downloaded it- not running an en/ura/tama/suku right now, but it launched fine
  18. Bentobuff

    tamagotchi keitai cellphone connection?

    It's not the wireless options, but there IS enwarehouse for connection era Japanese tamas! I think I found it on here years ago, but if it's gone, I might have the .exe file floating around my PC. Edit: looks like the link is dead. Gonna check my PC now. If I double post sharing a link to...
  19. Bentobuff

    Thinking about getting a new tamagotchi…

    Hmmm, going off of this there's a decent list, what's your budget for a new tama? I've been working my way through the On and there's SO much to unlock(and vlogging it). But they're stupidly expensive. Also, if you're into Bandai made vpets in general, digimon are a great option! The DM20ths...
  20. Bentobuff

    Got my new tama today!

    Hello! Welcome to the forum!:ichigotchi: