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  1. TamagotchiLover16

    Count to ZZZ,ZZZ!

    PJ pajamas
  2. TamagotchiLover16

    Tamagotchi Time

    Not sure what to do then…
  3. TamagotchiLover16

    Tamagotchi Time

    Try resetting it
  4. TamagotchiLover16

    1 year Anniversary

    Thank you!:wub::wub::wub:
  5. TamagotchiLover16

    Count to ZZZ,ZZZ!

    PG Oh my god, this sentence has been rated PG, Parental Guidance
  6. TamagotchiLover16

    Count to ZZZ,ZZZ!

    PD Police department 🚔👮🏾‍♂️👮🏾‍♂️👮🏾‍♂️
  7. TamagotchiLover16

    Magic The Gathering

    I don’t really like witchcraft (no offense)
  8. TamagotchiLover16

    P1/P2 group hatch

    I also like to join. Today marks my 1 year anniversary
  9. TamagotchiLover16

    1 year Anniversary

    Today marks 1 year since I joined TamaTalk! Let’s celebrate!
  10. TamagotchiLover16

    What if? Tamagotchi...

    I know, right?
  11. TamagotchiLover16

    What if? Tamagotchi...

    What if Tamatown never shut down and was converted to Html5 after Adobe flash stopped? They would add support for ID, ID L, p’s, 4U and 4U+, Friends, On, Mix, Meets, Pix, and Smart
  12. TamagotchiLover16

    Tamagotchi 365 day challenge log part 5: Days 261-365

    Day 297: 3 days til day 300. I now have mimitchi, and it’s raining
  13. TamagotchiLover16

    Hi my name is a lie

  14. TamagotchiLover16

    Hi my name is a lie

    … But anyways welcome
  15. TamagotchiLover16

    Bee’s Pix Party Log (Comments OK)

    If only I had a pix party
  16. TamagotchiLover16


    You should use ruffle
  17. TamagotchiLover16

    anyone know about this book?

    I notice the background contains the Dinkie Dino/RakuRaku Dinokun and Yuki Penguin pets. Those are the only ones I recognize