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  1. Eternal Mametchi Fan

    What color do you associate Tamagotchi with most?

    What color do you associate Tamagotchi with most? For me, it's blue and yellow. Of course this may be because of Mametchi and the Connection logo, but the blue I associate Tamagotchi with is actually a lighter shade--the same color as my very first Tamagotchi. And I have a lot of light-medium...
  2. Eternal Mametchi Fan

    What button do you use for the Jump Rope game?

    This might be an oddly specific question. But I am just curious about other Tamagotchi fans. On the Tamagotchi Version 4, during the Jumping game, you can press any button to jump the rope. But which button do you personally use? I added a poll to vote on. Personally I like to press all the...
  3. Eternal Mametchi Fan

    A question about ads

    This isn't a suggestion. It is just a question I have involving the site that the mods/admin may be able to answer, and I did not know where else to put it, sorry. I wanted to know, do ads help the site? I have decided to disable Adblock on TamaTalk in hopes that allowed the ads to appear would...
  4. Eternal Mametchi Fan

    Glitchiest Tamagotchi version?

    What do you think is the Tamagotchi with the most or the worst glitches? My datemate said he heard that Version 4 is full of glitches, which really confused me since I have a bunch of V4s and none of them have had any problems over the years I've owned them. Aside from a time several years ago...
  5. Eternal Mametchi Fan


    Does anybody else like the Hasbro animated webseries, Hanazuki? :) When you watch the first episode, it may seem juvenile and boring. But the show gets better and better as it goes on, and more characters and plot points are added. I think not only is it very cute and aesthetically pleasing...
  6. Eternal Mametchi Fan

    Mametchi's Invisipowder

    Note: I found this old fanfiction I wrote in one of my notebooks from 2011. I decided to post it here for everyone to read because even though it's terribly written and with major plot holes, it's sort of funny. I was about 12 when I wrote it. One day, Mametchi was busy making laughing powder...
  7. Eternal Mametchi Fan

    Tamagotchi's 20th Anniversary

    The 23rd of November marks the day the first Tamagotchi was released in Japan. Today, Tamagotchi is 20 years old. I have only been a Tamagotchi fan for 10 years, but it remains my favorite franchise to this day. The characters, toys, and anime will always be close to my heart. :D Tamagotchi...
  8. Eternal Mametchi Fan

    New Tamagotchi Short Film

    There is going to be an upcoming animated Tamagotchi short film to be released in Japanese theaters with the Himitsu no Cocotama movie. It is called something along the lines of 'Tamagotchi: Big Operation Secret Delivery' and here is the official synopsis- 'To commemmorate the 20th...
  9. Eternal Mametchi Fan

    Cutest anime

    What do you think are the cutest anime shows? Here's my list. Tamagotchi Himitsu no Cocotama Jewelpet Onegai My Melody PriPara LilPri PreCure Chi's Sweet Home Hamtaro Shizuku-Chan Yo-kai Watch, Digimon, and Pokemon can be cute too.
  10. Eternal Mametchi Fan

    Do you watch the eating animations?

    Do you let your Tamagotchi finish eating in the food animations or do you just press the buttons to skip it? It can be time consuming if you have to feed them a lot of food. I usually skip it unless I've never seen the character eat before, or never seen the specific food get eaten before.
  11. Eternal Mametchi Fan

    Do you still play with B&W Tamagotchis?

    In the Tamagotchi FaceBook groups, I noticed I mostly see people running color-screen Tamagotchis. Sometimes I see photos of people running several color-screen Tamagotchis but no colors or vintages, and it made me wonder if many people still care about black and white Tamagotchis. I still play...
  12. Eternal Mametchi Fan

    V6 - How to change your other band members

    On the Tamagotchi V6/Music Star, when your Tamagotchi evolves into an adult, you go to the 'Away' option under the door icon to meetup with your band for their first audition. As you all know, your two bandmates will be teens at and then they, too, will evolve into adults. But if you don't...
  13. Eternal Mametchi Fan

    Favorite Sanrio character

    TamaTalk members, I'd like to know who your favorite Sanrio characters are. If they're not on the poll, you can say in your comment instead. I put 20 characters on the poll in aplhabetical order. My favorites are Masyumaro [he's not on the poll; he's a cute cat], Bonbon Ribbon, Cinnamoroll...
  14. Eternal Mametchi Fan

    Line Town

    Does anybody like the Line Town anime? Surprisingly, it's an anime based on the characters featured in the emoticons of an instant messaging app called Line. It's super cute and funny and the face expressions are often hilarious =D The characters are all so charming. The dialogue is simple...
  15. Eternal Mametchi Fan

    Ouchi Mainichi Tamagotchi review

    As I have a Japanese 3DS and some Tamagotchi 3DS games, I have decided to review them, starting with Ouchi Mainichi Tamagotchi or 'Everyday House Tamagotchi'. The game is kind of a house simulation game with mini-games and goals. You start with a rather empty house with only a couple of...
  16. Eternal Mametchi Fan

    Cinnamoroll game

    Can anyone tell me about this particular Cinnamoroll device I think it involves a pedometer but does anyone else know what it does? I am interested in this device because I love Cinnamoroll...
  17. Eternal Mametchi Fan

    Spoon Pets

    Created by Sega Toys, Spoon Pets are adorable little toy pets in Japan that are kinda like ZhuZhu pets but seem less annoying. ;P TV commercial // Basically they're little animals that move around, and you can pick them up with the...
  18. Eternal Mametchi Fan

    Remove the tBay feedback

    Hello, if I remember correctly, the tBay feedback section was kept after tBay was removed for members who were still finishing transactions with other members. However, it's been a long time since tBay was removed, and so now I think it's time for the feedback section to be removed too. Nobody...
  19. Eternal Mametchi Fan

    Cocotama Virtual Pet by Bandai

    BanDai is releasing a new, color-screen pedometer virtual pet based on their recent anime and toy series, Himitsu no Cocotama. It comes in pink and blue - You can be friends with Luckytama or Melory. - Built-in pedometer function, and the more you 'walk', the stronger your friendship with the...
  20. Eternal Mametchi Fan

    Funstore - Is this site legit?

    I found an Australian site with some new-in-package V2s and V3 for 25 dollars, which is a fair price in my opinion. They are selling some other Tamagotchi things too. But is this site safe to buy from? Here's the link -