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  1. Liptuan

    Tamagotchi Pix Party (2022)

    Nothing new I think, I think I'll buy it on resale if I find it really cheap. I like so much my tamagotchi pix, but I find no reason to spend money in this version :unsure:
  2. Liptuan

    Mini Group Hatch July 1st

    what a great idea! Ican use my mini for the first time :D
  3. Liptuan


    Welcome Miya!
  4. Liptuan

    Got my Keitai Tama last week, and got my first adult several days ago... but matchmaker isn't appearing?

    I have same problem with my akai, what happens with your akai at finally? tysm
  5. Liptuan

    Jurassic World Tamagotchi Nano

    I don't like nanos but this is a must have!