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  1. Joc

    Using Adobe Flash Player in 2021 and beyond

    Waterfox and Basilisk are forks of Firefox that maintain support for legacy plugins like Adobe Flash. (Basilisk is less up to date, less secure, and doesn't support Macs, so I recommend using Waterfox.) Download Waterfox or download Basilisk, then download this version of Flash. If you still...
  2. Joc

    Why does the Hanerutchi exist?

    In some of the English games, you have Bill. Someone at Bandai Japan must have liked Bill a lot, as the Hanerutchi is a version of the Ketai (Con.v3) where every single teen and adult is replaced by a variant of Bill (I think you can see what character it originally was by connecting to a...
  3. Joc

    Pac-Man ✖️ Tamagotchi crossover announced

    @KidRetro64 already mentioned this on their profile, but this is what Bandai Namco US posted on Twitter before the weekend. It’s to celebrate Pac-Man’s 40th anniversary. Hope it comes to Europe as well. Would be a bit disappointing if it was just yet another Tamagotchi Nano version (with...
  4. Joc

    TV series temporarily on YouTube (Google Translate: As far as Google Translate gets me: In order to celebrate the 23th anniversary of Tamagotchi and the...
  5. Joc

    Distinction between "fakes" and "generics"

    In the past I've gotten confused because I didn't understand the distinction between "fakes" and "generics" that people make here. I think I understand it now: if a console's packaging explicitly claims to be Tamagotchi, it is a "fake", if it does not, it is a "generic virtual pet". This is...
  6. Joc

    Difference between Tamagotchi Mame Game 1 and 2

    Photo from eBay listing. How similar are they?
  7. Joc

    iOS 13 has NFC support

    It took a lot of years, but Apple has finally given up on trying to kill NFC. The iPhone 7 and newer get full support for NFC reading and writing with iOS 13. (The hardware was already there for Apple Pay.) This presumably means that the 4U app would have worked on iOS 13.
  8. Joc

    Do m!x passwords work with the Meets or On?

    One of the Japanese 3DS games can exchange data with the m!x through passwords. Does this work with the Meets? And with the On?
  9. Joc

    Passive-aggressive marriage exploit

    I browsed Reddit and they were being super excited and positive about a newly discovered, very simple to perform exploit, that lets you reject a marriage proposal while letting the other person's game think you accepted it. This causes the marriage to go through on the victim's side, while...
  10. Joc

    New On advertisement

    What do you think of this ad? I think the sheer girlyness chases most people away.
  11. Joc

    Vote for Tamagotchi CD-ROM on GOG! Not a fan of GOG, but maybe they could sell it.
  12. Joc

    Is it safe to create a new Dream Town account already?

    A long time ago my Dream Town account suddenly got deleted (with the "username does not exist" message), along with the accounts of many other people. Thinking about creating a new account (having to start over ☹️). Is it safe to create a new account already? How many of you are currently...