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  1. neonmoo

    Tamagotchi Screw Replacement Horror Stories

    Have you had anything go seriously wrong when attempting to remove the screws from your tamagotchi? Im talking worse than just ruining the screw heads. I recently got a NIB P1 and Umino and needed to open them up unfortunately the screws were in there very tight. I tried to get them out myself...
  2. neonmoo

    What game consoles do you have?

    I'm a bit of a game nerd, and I was curious if anyone on here collects consoles like I do :) What consoles do you have? What console is your favorite? What is on your want list? My list: Sega megadrive Comodor Amiga Game cube Xbox 360 PS2 Wii Gameboy Gameboy sp Ds lite Ds XL (on...
  3. neonmoo

    Spring Bank Holiday Hatch

    27th May 2013 Yes I know there is other hatches in May however both seem to be going no where and clashed date wise (sorry if Im stepping on toes). I thought it would be a good idea to start a new one away from both dates. So why the 27th? Well Im from the UK and its a bank holiday in spring...
  4. neonmoo

    Fake Dinkie Dino's

    I know there is many fakes of these out there, but the sellers have started using pictures of real dinkies now to try and pull you in so watch out guys. This is one doing just that...
  5. neonmoo

    My Tamagotchi P's KILLED my iD L!

    WellI got my tamagotchi P's yesterday and today I have been connecting my P's and iD L loads but the P's been sending horrible presents to the iD L like poop and fly's. That was ok untill it sent it a floating skull that chased my tama around the screen, after that my iD L has been sick loads of...
  6. neonmoo

    Club Penguin

    I know some of you guys on here play it and at the moment Im getting free codes with the smoothies I eat, so I though I would pass them on as I dont use it. All the codes are unique so when you use one please comment in here to say you've taken it. I will probably post one once a week as thats...
  7. neonmoo


    Im thinking about getting the +Colour in green but I do have a couple of Q's. I already have an iD L. 1. What are the main differences compared to iD L? 2. Can it connect to iD L/ vis versa? 3. In your opinion wich do you prefer? Thanks guys
  8. neonmoo

    iD L Dislikes

    I noticed yesterday that when I gave Pomponchi the scroll to play with she cried got angry and wouldn't use it, so I was wondering has anyone else found dislikes and is there a chart/list? I know the adults hate rice as well.
  9. neonmoo

    gyaoppi II too good to be true?

    Im new to Gyaoppi's but i know they can get pretty pricey. I saw this on ebay and it's for a Gyaoppi 2 but it seems too cheep to me, is it legit or fake...
  10. neonmoo

    Thinking of making tamagotchi pouches

    Well Ive been a little bit bored today so I made a pouch for one of my tamas. So I wanna know what you guys think its a bit rushed, I would probably make both corners rounded and maybe sew characters onto it too. I was going to make them for any size tama except the colour tamas and tamago I'm...
  11. neonmoo

    Replacement screws

    Well I had to put some new screws in the back of my iD L and I found that the screws from a camera I have been taking apart are a perfect fit. If your in the UK this guy will be able to sort you out with some screws and it will only cost you a book of stamps, Just send him a sample screw and he...
  12. neonmoo

    iDL batteries!

    What batteries are people using? I put new ones in yesterday morning and I already have the battery message. I can't afford new batteries every 24hours any recomendations would be apriciated. Thanks - currently using Maplins "extra longlife" batteries
  13. neonmoo

    RIP Eric

    I had been running Eric for 12 days now and this morning he died of sickness coz I over slept :( I was really hoping I would be able to get him to die from old age. Eric is just a ramdom VP in a tama shell, hes also Japanese and a dinosaur. He is very hard to look after in his first stage so...
  14. neonmoo

    Tamagotchi DS games and Tamago

    Since Tamatown is obviously down does anyone know if any of the DS games work with the Tamago? (any region is fine I have an R4 ^^).
  15. neonmoo

    Page views on profiles not working

    Page views look like there not working ive had a look through some profiles n it looks like anyone that joined after around june this year dosnt get them. You can see who the last visitor was but its not logging it, I dont know if this has happened to everyone as im just basing this on the...
  16. neonmoo

    Your most hated tamagotchi character

    There are sooo many topics for the characters we love so who is your least fave/hated character? For me it has to be Masktchi :ph34r: I just really dont like him.
  17. neonmoo

    Larger signature pics and Create a group

    If its possible larger signature pics would be nice annd if we could be able to make out own groups/clubs that would be pretty cool
  18. neonmoo

    Tama Town whats it like?

    Right I know theres issues for getting onto the site but for those that managed it is it better than the one for the connection V4 as that was pretty dull.
  19. neonmoo

    Comic Sans

    In this forum there seems to be n obsession with Comic Sans and being a designer I just dont get it coz in my world its all about Helvetica!
  20. neonmoo

    Fond Furbish memories

    Do you have any fond memories of your Furby like when did you get it and why? and did you take it places with you? I will always remember my Furby its name was May-may and i got it for christmas the year they came out. I was a little be disappointed because I wanted the Gizmo one and had never...