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  1. DonValleyParkway

    Just found my Tamagotchi V5 is it worth anything?

    yours is a version 5, not a version 5.5, sorry for the confusion!
  2. DonValleyParkway

    Just found my Tamagotchi V5 is it worth anything?

    Looks to be an australian model which are less well documented, if I were you I'd check whether or not the food items have their names written underneath, if they do I think that means that it's a Version 5 Celebrity or a V5.5 (both terms mean the same thing, just different people prefer...
  3. DonValleyParkway

    I don't think that this option is "better", somehow!

    I walked away from Amazon a few years ago and haven't looked back, anything I could want from there I can find somewhere else for half the price and free delivery. Life's just better without Amazon these days, which is weird since it was like the first big online store I really used.
  4. DonValleyParkway

    My tama won’t evolve?

    I'm not sure if it's the case with the demon slayer tama but with some devices the evolution time pauses when they sleep so it could be that
  5. DonValleyParkway

    Mysterious 2004 Tamagotchi, possibly a V2?

    That is odd, I'd love to see this thing booted up to see what's up
  6. DonValleyParkway

    Mysterious 2004 Tamagotchi, possibly a V2?

    The screen's background is also in a connection version 1 but as far as I know no connections or plus shells have a different design around the screen, this could be a custom shell swap?
  7. DonValleyParkway

    Is it a orginal one?

    There was a zebra print design and European Tamagotchi connections only have Tamagotchi written on top so it could be, if there's a picture of it powered on check that the sprites line up with the characters that are available on the device
  8. DonValleyParkway

    R2-D2 Tamagotchi

    No 4Lom from the looks of things 😢 still looks cute though! :D
  9. DonValleyParkway

    Screwdriver for Vintage Tamagotchis

    I use a 2.2mm screwdriver from a set but if you shop around you should be able to find one on its own
  10. DonValleyParkway

    what would you say is the funnest thing in the OG tamagotchi?

    For me the best bit is discovering their evolutionary trees, I'm currently trying to find Moll and Lora on the Mothra and I'm having a blast
  11. DonValleyParkway

    Tamagotchi Smart

    I think the English patch actaully came out today, if what people are saying in the digimon discord server I'm in are right. I could've checked since bandai actually have a list up on their site with compatable smart phones listed but alas, I didn't think to check first :( I'm with you on...
  12. DonValleyParkway

    My gen 1 Tama died despite full health and happy bar?

    Feeding a tamagotchi snacks can make them unhealthy, so can failing to turn the lights off in time after they fall asleep It is odd to see a tamagotchi perish so soon, but the gen 1s are more unforgiving than later releases so it can take a little getting used to if you've not played them before
  13. DonValleyParkway

    Tamagotchi Pix

    Nice, I hope you enjoy it!
  14. DonValleyParkway

    Tamagotchi Smart

    I got my vital bracelet a few months back without realising that the app didn't support my phone, but fortunately it seems that without the app the only features that you can't use are raid battles and stat boosting items
  15. DonValleyParkway

    The search for a Giga Pets Explorer

    I'd say your best bet is probably resale sites like ebay or facebook market place, if you check back once a week or so hopefully someone will list one eventually!
  16. DonValleyParkway

    Tamagotchi Pix

    Ooh, I'd be super interested in how raising a tamagotchi works, since I read an interview with a bandai rep a little while ago that implied there was going to be less emphasis on raising the little guys in the pix
  17. DonValleyParkway

    What's Your Favorite Tamagotchi Connection Device?

    For me it's got to be v3. It was my first so it's probably just nostalgia bias, but the disapline and light switch are really iconic to me.
  18. DonValleyParkway

    Kabutotchi Reset Glitch

    Just had something strange happen with my Morino. While I was playing the game after feeding my tamagotchi a size growing candy the visuals corrupted between rounds; the leaf display showed three leaves instead of the usual four and took me to the feeding screen rather than the guessing game...
  19. DonValleyParkway

    Unusual Life Stage

    ================================================================= Sorry about this, I almost immediately found the answer, I just needed to use the care option, I didn't realise that the term morino was used more widely that mori de hakken until i was filling in the tags on this post and I...