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  1. Spirit Rabbit

    Tamagotchi V4 guide?

    I've searched high and low for a growth chart that includes how to get specific characters, like how many points in stats are needed etc, if anyone knows of One it would be super helpful.
  2. Spirit Rabbit

    Christmas tamagotchi wishlist

    What's on your tamagotchi wishlist for Christmas? I wished for and ordered myself a connection v3 so My v4 Will have a friend - Yay! Other then that, I really want a v4.5.
  3. Spirit Rabbit

    Questions about dinkies and gyaoppis

    Im getting an interest in these ones and are generally wondering which in your opinion is the most fun, what are the games like? How difficult are they to Keep alive? And can you input names on them?
  4. Spirit Rabbit

    Review of Machine Pet

    I got my Machine Pet today, it's a multi pet with 169 pets in 1. It's very light, the plastic feels like Good quality, the buttons are made of rubber and very responsive, the screen is suprisingly good, it's rather strange as it doesnt say if the pet is hungry or bored, you can feed it bread or...
  5. Spirit Rabbit

    Recommend me a dino

    I've been away for a long time, but now I'm back, I've gotten some new peta for My Collection, an original tamagotchi from '97 with box, My crown jewel, and a tamagotchi Friends. Sorry, I ramble on, I'm thinking of getting a dinosaur pet, because I never had one, so I'd like some...
  6. Spirit Rabbit

    Reccomend me a dino-pet

    Man, there are tons of dino-pets out there, and not much info on any of 'em except the classic gyaoppi etc. So, reccomend me a fun one with a naming feature and different evolutions, that's all I want =D
  7. Spirit Rabbit

    Power Palz Dino?

    I'm looking into getting a PP Dino, it looks really cool and it's not super expensive. I'm curious whether there is a growth chart or if there is only 1 type of dino. Tell me a little about how it works! =D Also, are you able to name the dino?
  8. Spirit Rabbit


    Saw this on E-bay today. It's a Jurassic Park pet, anyone has any info on it? How many dinosaurs can you get, can you name them, is the in-game text in english?
  9. Spirit Rabbit

    Tamagotchi Friends - Naming?

    I'm curious whether you can name the tamagotchi in the friends version. My first one just hatched and I wasn't presented with an option to name him. He looks like a cloud by the way, hehe...
  10. Spirit Rabbit


    I just found a digital pet on ebay called a Hitorikko, is this a dinkie dino? And would it be in english?
  11. Spirit Rabbit

    Jackpot time, help me choose something fun!

    It seems I've hit thge jackpot with my upcoming birthday. I'm getting Tamagotchi Friends, and I get to pick 1-2 more virtual pets depending on the prices. Now I want tips on some really good and fun ones! So let me hear about your favorite digital pets! I have previously owned: Tamagotchi v1...
  12. Spirit Rabbit

    Is this worth having?

    Well, my favorite tamagotchi broke, so I'm thinking of getting a replacement one, at the moment I only have about 4$ and it's about a week 'till I get some money to buy a propper tamagotchi, but I found a cheap bootleg multipet from . . . China. Has anyone tried it? I love the bunny they show :3
  13. Spirit Rabbit

    V3, V4 or Tamago?

    I can't really decide on my next tamagotchi. I love my V4.5. The minigames are great, and I like the variety. I like that there are alot of characters to get and things to buy. I'd like to get the V3 and V4 since it seems to be roughly the same things. But I am drawn to the Tamago too since it...
  14. Spirit Rabbit

    Have you changed the background in a tamagotchi?

    Have you changed the background of a tamagotchi? If so, did you print something out, or draw something yourself with markers? Pictures of your custom backgrounds would be awesome! Custom Tama-go faceplates would be cool to see too!
  15. Spirit Rabbit

    V4.5 - No money from job?

    My tamagotchi on the V4.5 has gotten a job at the music place, but I don't get any money from it? What's up with that?
  16. Spirit Rabbit

    I'm itching for a Tama-Go!

    I'm really interested in getting a Tama-Go! So I'd like to get to know more, so here are my questions: How many minigames are there with all the characters, and what are the minigames? Is there a list over the characters you can get ingame? What's this I hear about light character add ons...
  17. Spirit Rabbit

    Your favorite way of carrying your tamagotchis?

    What's your favorite way of carrying your tamagotchis when you go about your daily lives? at the moment I keep mine in my pockets. I'm thinking of making some kind of carrier for them.
  18. Spirit Rabbit

    V5 not bonding?

    I can't get my v5 family to bond. I'm using all kinds of different items - Basketball, pinball machine, campfire, book and Unchi-kun but nothing happens =/ Are they too young to bond? My family consists of Tororotchi, Ahirukutchi and Sakuramotchi.
  19. Spirit Rabbit

    Your thoughts on Familitchi?

    I recieved my Familitchi today. I was super excited since I thought the videos I've seen with it looked fun. But I was very dissapointed. I did not like the minigames. Tv surfing is very hard and I don't get a lot of cash on it, used to getting lots of cash on the v4.5 from the minigames. And...
  20. Spirit Rabbit

    Nightactive tama?

    Onion has died =/ And my new baby who was born 11pm is still up! He had a nap but is now awake again. Will he be up all night? Have I set the time wrong? Pm is night, right? What do I do?