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  1. neonmoo

    What's your least favorite Tamagotchi

    Im not really a fan of the Conexions series as a whole Ive never found them that interesting, hence why I only have 2 from many years ago that I never run.
  2. neonmoo

    How did you meet your significant other?

    Well me and my boyfriend have been together for 3 years now and we are saving up to get a place together. We first met when we were 6 months old, our mums met at a baby and toddler thing they used to go to, and stayed friends ever since. They used to meet up every Tuesday along with a around 10...
  3. neonmoo

    Bandai UK New Tamagotchi Release!

    Oh my gosh my tamagotchi friends is due tomorrow :D just got a message from Amazon. I ordered 2 in the end, pink hearts and the pink one.
  4. neonmoo

    Bandai UK New Tamagotchi Release!

    You might not just get it early because of prime shipping, often when I pre-order from them and chose free delivery I get it a day or 2 early thats what happened with Pokemon X :D I love the mascot I used to have to wear a mascot suit every Saturday with one of my jobs. Im not liking that the...
  5. neonmoo

    Discolored ID L case

    Hmm that is quite odd it looks like the box has been left in the sun due to the shape of the discolouration.
  6. neonmoo

    Wow, good luck selling this one guy...

    Stuff like this seems to happen on ebay. Sellers put their prices up ridiculously high, so when someone goes to list one they think they can get more money for theirs and do the same. Thus increasing the over all supposed value of tamagotchis.
  7. neonmoo

    Bandai UK New Tamagotchi Release!

    White looks quite gross. I will pre-order or go shopping on boxing day see if I can get one or two cause of the bump thing, but then probably sell them on. Im surprised Bandai UK havent got anything about it on their Facebook page yet, also seems odd that advertising dosnt start until the...
  8. neonmoo

    Tamagotchi iD/iD L available in UK!

    They don't have them anymore I was there in August and they said the sold out a couple of months before that. I really should have just bought one when they were in stock in January.
  9. neonmoo

    Halloween Group Hatch

    Haunters dead :( Im rubbish at keeping tamas atm
  10. neonmoo

    Factfile (another remake)

    Name: Nat Date Of Birth: 1st of May Location: UK Height: 5ft 6 Weight: no idea um average Shoe size: 6/7 Hair color: Candy floss pink Eye color: hazel brown Skin tone: very Light Favourite band/singer: Jimmy Eat World and Placebo Favourite animal: Cat Favourite book: The Demon Ororon...
  11. neonmoo

    Halloween Group Hatch

    HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! I was a bit late hatching today so doubt a lot is gonna happen (its been a really horrible stressful day) So today at 4:50pm :/ reset and I hatched a girl on my tama P's and as its halloween Im gonna call her Haunter (I know its not girly :P ) Theres a cute skull in her...
  12. neonmoo

    SonicBlades has joined your party!

    Hello :) have fun in TamaTalk
  13. neonmoo

    Stuff you are obsessed with

    Um Adventure Time! :D Retro games and consoles Japanese (the language) Expensive dolls like, Blythe and Pullip Hair dye :o I will be candy floss pink hopefully on Sunday
  14. neonmoo

    Bandai UK New Tamagotchi Release!

    @Moussette Theres a response from EMF she got the exact same message as Sarah did, when she emailed for more info on the release. (I think its on page 2)
  15. neonmoo

    Opinions on X and Y

    I really like playing it but its just way to easy. Im getting through every gym by using the same pokemon and the same moves and obliterating everything. Training has never been so easy, I dont have to try and they gain levels. The fact that its not as challenging as previous games is a bit of a...
  16. neonmoo

    Bandai UK New Tamagotchi Release!

    Well I'm happy for whatever it is that's coming and will be more than happy to buy n ship to those outside of the UK :)
  17. neonmoo

    What are you going to be for Halloween?

    Im going as Fionna from Adventure Time :D My works Halloween party is on the 26th the same day as Comicon so cosplay as Fionna then work still dressed as Fionna (tempted to make a zombie version for the evening) :/ it shall be a long day
  18. neonmoo

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf Friend Codes & Town Visits

    Will have to see if I have some time in the week :) Im so busy with work :(
  19. neonmoo

    Where Are You From/Where Do You Live? What's It Like?

    I like in England, in the south east. Im 2 hours away from the closest beach and 1 hour away from London, living in a small town that has not much to do. I have always lived her and it would be nice to live somewhere else maybe London or another country. I don't dislike living in the UK it can...
  20. neonmoo

    Animal Crossing: New Leaf Friend Codes & Town Visits

    I will keep a look out for those ones if you look out for the one I need its the Parasaurus Tail then my collection is complete :D