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  1. Dogfish

    P1/P2 group hatch

    i'd join! i've been wanting to run my japanese p2 again as well haha
  2. Dogfish


    i have a lizard tattoo on my shoulder. like how people get dolphins or hummingbirds, i just liked the aesthetic haha, it doesn't mean anything. a tamagotchi related tattoo sounds like a great idea to me! i'd have to think about which character or device i'd want, and where... well, next time i...
  3. Dogfish

    What is the difference between the re-release of V1 and V2?

    if you mean the tamagotchi originals and not a tamagotchi connection, yes, the gen 2 version has all different characters! the left or right guessing game is also switched out for a less random one, where you guess whether the next number is going to be higher or lower than the one the tama picks.
  4. Dogfish

    Just wondering which tamagotchi is the most liked…

    my current favorite has to be the angelgotch! probably because i'm running it now, haha. still, i think it's the coolest vintage tama i've gotten to try so far. close second would be the pix, then p2 after that.
  5. Dogfish

    Mini Group Hatch July 1st

    yeah, i had sort of figured it might die at some point, the battery had been in there for definitely over a month, maybe more than two. i had hoped it would hold out a little longer for the hatch though! my CR2032's are sony, and they usually last about that long. i'm not too disappointed, i've...
  6. Dogfish

    Mini Group Hatch July 1st

    earlier this morning i heard the evolving sound and not even a second after seeing oyajitchi, the battery died, haha. end of the line for my mini!
  7. Dogfish

    Pls, help-

    when you're on the clock screen, press the 'a' and 'c' buttons at the same time so that it says 'set'. it's paused like this.
  8. Dogfish

    Questions from new player

    hello! hope you're enjoying your tama! mechanically, there's no difference between the characters besides how healthy they are. well cared for adult characters like mametchi and ginjirotchi will live longer, while nyorotchi and tarakotchi (bad care characters) will not. Of course, each...
  9. Dogfish

    P1 vs P2, which is better?

    i prefer the p2 as well!
  10. Dogfish

    need some help regarding the tamagotchi pix!

    it is pretty cool the things the pix does with connection, isn't it? i noticed, too, that i'd get letters from people whose qr codes i'd scanned. i suppose the pix must save the data about that person and their tama. that data only updates if you've scanned a more recent code from them, after...
  11. Dogfish

    Mini Group Hatch July 1st

    i got kuchipatchi for my hatch! just a step up from nyorotchi, haha. i think i get this guy the most... now to keep it alive 'til it's oyajitchi!
  12. Dogfish

    Hi, I have 2 japanese connections

    your osutchi and mesutchi unfortunately can't connect to your other connections, as they don't connect via IR. on your osutchi, you have a obotchi, and the mesutchi has an ojyotchi, which are counterparts of each other, so it makes sense that they look similar. if you like, you can see the list...
  13. Dogfish

    Pix Thought Bubble

    you can recolor things the same way you colored them to start with; from the item box you pick decor, and if the second decor isn't grayed-out (as in, you have color swatches available from taking color pictures, which you do on the decor menu as well, using the 'color' option), you'll pick that...
  14. Dogfish

    Pix Thought Bubble

    he wants to recolor the glasses, i think.
  15. Dogfish

    Mini Group Hatch July 1st

    here's my mini! it's a 20th anniversary as well, the first tama i bought for myself! i was hoping for maskutchi, so i'm happy!
  16. Dogfish

    Do you ever dream about tamas?

    just last night i dreamt i was telling a famous person about tamagotchi, saying i was an expert on them haha, which i don't think i am! i guess my dream self wanted to impress them lol
  17. Dogfish

    New Angel owner trying to understand angel power and deeds

    about praying: you do need to praise while your angel is praying to both not lose any progress on the deeds meter, and to increase it. if you miss praising it, it'll go down, and you'll know you've missed a prayer if you see poop. as far as i can remember, the angel does make a sound when it...
  18. Dogfish

    What batteries does an angelgotch require?

    it takes 2 LR44 batteries like the P1's and P2's from the 90's. most tamas take either the 2 LR44's, a CR2032, or 2 triple A's. if you plan on running a bunch of different models of tamas in the future, stock up on those types! it's also useful to get rechargeable triple A's for those newer models.
  19. Dogfish

    Jurassic World Tamagotchi Nano

    i saw this earlier today! i'll probably buy it whether it comes overseas or not, haha. it looks like it also has some stuff from the older movies, which is cool, because i haven't actually seen any of the new ones. i wonder how those really big dino sprites are going to work on the tiny...
  20. Dogfish

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