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  1. ChamametchiandMametchi

    I am planning to make my fursona become a fursuit when I get older...

    But what website does commissions and makes the suits like I want them?
  2. ChamametchiandMametchi

    Is the Bori an armadillo?

    I keep looking at my Bori (Xx_Ragga_xX), and I notice it looks like an Armadillo. It's just you think so too?
  3. ChamametchiandMametchi

    I got Mametchi on my TF, but it wasn't what I wanted...

    I thought I was gonna get a Kuchipatchi (I fed him a lot of food), but I got Mametchi instead (which I'm glad I got him for my first time, though). What did I do wrong? Did I have to give him good care and give him different kinds of foods than the ones provided?
  4. ChamametchiandMametchi

    When does a Dinkie Dino evolve?

    I got this app called DiNostalgia (it's a widget, and it is a phone edition of a Dinkie Dino), and it is super cute. However, one thing is starting to bug me. When does it evolve? Does it evolve at a certain time (like a Tamagotchi)? Like for a Toddler it would be an hour? This is the first...
  5. ChamametchiandMametchi

    Ways to deal with illnesses (Life-threatening/Non Life-threatening) during life?

    Since my life is sort of going by so fast, I have a slight fear of dying in the near future. What if I come down with an uncurable illness? What if I never get to see my family again and I can't fufill my dreams? How do I cope with what I have if it's life-threatening or not life-threatening in...
  6. ChamametchiandMametchi

    Raynie and the Gotchi King: Raynie's First Wish - Part 1: TamaTown's New Arrival Comments

    What did you think about my Tamagotchi Fan Fiction? Vote and leave a comment on your thoughts! Raynie: Thank you fo' weading dis fanfiction! More come out soon!
  7. ChamametchiandMametchi

    Ask Raynie: Favorite Things

    Note: Since school has started, I have no time to make new games and stuff. This is my most newest "Ask *insert name of character here*" game (since Ask Sweetinsour: Topics or Food was locked), this time featuring yet another fan-made character, this time from Ray-Wind (Raynie belongs to...
  8. ChamametchiandMametchi

    Raynie and the Gotchi King: Raynie's First Wish - Part 1: TamaTown's New Arrival

    Author's (Long) Note: I decided to put my other fanfiction on hiatus due to school and other stuff. But since it's Thanksgiving Break (and it's almost over, so better make this fanfiction count), I decided to come up with another fan fiction that had to do with an old game that I liked (I still...
  9. ChamametchiandMametchi

    ~The One~ - For my love, a friend who I never crossed paths with.

    There is one special boy out there, The one I call my love. Lots of people keep exclaiming, "This guy? What a joke!" I know that this one isn't one of those. I keep my chin up high, I let him know what I really feel. Though I keep getting these snide comments, "What makes you think...
  10. ChamametchiandMametchi

    [Yoshi's Island DS] Favorite Yoshi Color(s)/Baby Character(s)?

    My favorites happen to be the Black Yoshi (which may not be seen in game) and the Red Yoshi, then Baby Mario, Baby Peach, and Baby Luigi. So much favorites...
  11. ChamametchiandMametchi

    The OWSLA Family Adventures - Tamagotchi Connection Version 5 Log

    NOTE: There are no pictures until the next story, so enjoy what I have for now. It was about 9:48 AM, and I happened to have restarted my Tamagotchi, because the EDM Family left by UFO, so it was time to start anew. I entered all my information and three eggs came on screen. The middle egg...
  12. ChamametchiandMametchi

    [Kingdom Hearts] The saddest scene you saw?

    The most saddest scene I ever looked at was Xion's death. It makes tears come out from me even though I'm not crying. Why must Kingdom Hearts have such sad things inside? *sniffle* Okay, enough about me, what about you?
  13. ChamametchiandMametchi

    Bad Comebacks - A Game about comebacks that are bad and don't make sense.

    NOTE: This was thought of by me and a friend. Read the rules carefully. Rules: The person above you makes an opinion, the person under you has to make a comeback. If the comeback is bad, then the person has to 1-UP the one who did the comeback. For example: Person 1 (above post): I think...
  14. ChamametchiandMametchi

    Thinking of doing a dance video with my costume...

    I am obviously being a Charmander from the Pokemon series. However, I am going to dance to a Skrillex song. There is a poll for what song you want to choose. The Skrillex song that has the most votes will be used (and given credit, because those are his tracks and not mine) in the video. Have...
  15. ChamametchiandMametchi

    Back from unsaid goodbye.

    I was so hung up on my new phone, I forgot all about TamaTalk...I am very sorry, guys. I will be on every day when I's just that I was so excited about my phone, and I wasn't thinking about my friends and family here.
  16. ChamametchiandMametchi

    [Tomodachi Life] Miis can fart! :D

    You may not know this, as this is random, but your Mii can fart. I'm serious. XD It's like another Mii is in your Mii's apartment and all of a sudden: *frrrrt* Mii 2: O_o What the heck just happened? I've seen a lot of my Miis fart from time to time. It's so freaking hilarious. XD I've seen...
  17. ChamametchiandMametchi

    [Wizard101] What school is your wizard in?

    Mine is in the School of Myth...I want to make him strong, meet Hercules, and fight Hades! My Wizard name (sorry if I don't remember it): Wolf Shadowleaf (I think?) My username on there is LittleSkrillexWizard, so if you see my Wizard name (matching the one above), that is me.
  18. ChamametchiandMametchi

    [Bearville - Virtual World] [Browser] Nightwing doesn't appear as a Dragon?

    I just got him yesterday (he's actually Toothless, but I renamed him), and I registered him on my account, but he doesn't show up as a dragon. He shows up as a black bear. I am sure I entered the Animal ID and Key Code correctly. Is it because they didn't really classify him yet and he wasn't...
  19. ChamametchiandMametchi

    DJ Gotchi: Scary Gotchis and Nice Tama-Pets (RP)

    Welcome to "DJ Gotchi: Scary Gotchis and Nice Tama-Pets". This is an adventure where your favorite DJ (of any kind, ex. Avicii, deadmau5, Kaskade, etc. or you can make your own) has their own Tamagotchi (can be any version, such as a Version 5, iD-L, P's, Friends, etc.), and their toys have...
  20. ChamametchiandMametchi

    What are the odds of finding a Dinkie Dino/Giga Pet/Nano Baby in a flea market or thrift shop?

    Because my Mom and I are planning to go to a couple of thrift shops first, then in a couple of months, we'll go to a flea market called "Wagon Wheel". What are the odds of me finding virtual pets (like the ones mentioned in the title) in these sorts of places?