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  1. mulliganaceous

    The V3 exclusive characters

    After looking at the V3 character list, I noticed six characters (plus a costume) exclusive to V3. Unlike the V2, all characters received modern artworks on the V3, and was even animated on the TV commercials, though those from Osu/Mesu and V3-exclusive sources are harder to find. It took a...
  2. mulliganaceous

    The V2 Tamagotchi without an official artwork

    Tamagotchi V2 and V3 are known for having some very little-known Tamagotchi, with V2 in particular having very poorly-detailed character outlines for at least five of the tamagotchis and a lack of a modern artwork. Though many Tamagotchi editions have characters exclusive to one version, almost...
  3. mulliganaceous

    Death criteria for Connection pets

    During the years 2005-2007 I have been interested in the Tamagotchi fad, noticing that many of the kids at that time owned a Tamagotchi. The majority of the Tamagotchis I saw during that era were Odd Generation Tier 5 adults and Tier 2 teenagers. Many of them also managed to stack up to eight...