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  1. Natasja

    Don't reset your tamagotchi mini!

    Just a little warning, to let you know not to press the reset button on your Tamagotchi mini. Mie (a.k.a Kplus_ai) told me that her screen went blank after resetting it. Other people seemed to have the same problem too. So be carefull and just take out the battery or something like that when...
  2. Natasja

    Tamagotchi mini

    The Tamagotchi mini will be released in Japan very soon (April 28). It's even smaller than the original p1/p2 tama and will have less characters. I guess it's released as a mascot for your phone, but it does seem to have some functions. I thinks it's very cute :D They sell for 10 dollars in...
  3. Natasja

    Hanerutchi Log! The newest Keitai Story (*^∇^*)

    A Hanerutchi Tamagotchi is similar to a Keitai Tama, but it has got different adult characters. Those were created from the Japanese TV show called: You knock on a jumping door! Mine is the green version :) I've started it yesterday.
  4. Natasja

    Keitai for sale now!

    I've been keeping an eye on Jason's Shop the whole day because I knew he would list some new Keitais. I fell in love with the Keitai pink/tan colour and bought it together with the new cases :rolleyes: Hurry up if you want a keitai, I think they will sell out quickly: Jason's Store
  5. Natasja

    Debugging your Tamagotchi Connection or Plus

    Yesterday I debugged my Tamagotchi plus and today I did the same with my Connection Tamagotchi. I think it took about 15 minutes, it was not difficult at all :rolleyes: . With debugging you can choose between the different characters (including a lot of "secret" ones) and play with them in...
  6. Natasja

    I got nazotchi!!

    Okay this is what happened. Both my keitai and tamagotchi plus are teenagers (my keitai is the apple) and i decided to connect them, it worked. The apple figure transfered to my plus tamagotchi so she could give a gift and... she turned into a nazotchi on my tama plus screen! I grabbed my...
  7. Natasja

    Tamagotchi Keitai

    My Tamagotchi Keitai just arrived! It's so nice! Even though you can't connect it to a mobile phone outside Japan it's still great. The keitai can be compared to the connection Tamagotchi. BUT, it has got: - new characters - new games (baseball, catching musical notes, multiple choice game...
  8. Natasja

    Tamagotchi keitai for sale now!

    Wheeeee, I just bought a light blue Keitai Tamagotchi and a Mametchi & Memetchi case, I feel so happy. I do still want the pink version and a mametchi keychain :( look over here I think that the Keitai is similar to the plus/connection, but with other games and maybe other animations. It...
  9. Natasja

    New Tamagotchi plus products on the way

    Within three days new Tamagotchi items will be released. I so hope they'll make it to eBay (maybe in Jason's store). mametchi case memetchi case kuchipatchi cae (^__^) Keychain Kuchipatchi Keychain Ichigotchi Keychain Memetchi Keychain Gozarutchi etc. It looks like you can exchange the...
  10. Natasja


    On the American connection site, they claim that Oyajitchi drinks coffee: Well, it sure looks like sake or some other liquor to me: image from my Japanese book
  11. Natasja


    A while ago I visited tinkerville and really enjoyed the site because of all the Tamagotchi pictures (also the rarer ones). I know that the owner is selling her collection, but that Tinkerville would be relocated at Also in Google the cutthatout site will show up, but it always...
  12. Natasja

    Tamagotchi plus and cellphones?

    Look at this: New Tamagotchi Plus products They seem to interact with cellphones! Probably only in japan though :-( Does anyone understand what they are talking about at the tamagotchi site?
  13. Natasja

    Clear Tamagotchi connexion blue and pink

    They are just gorgeous, exactly what i was looking for! You can order them from every country, the shipping costs aren't hat high, or just have a look at them: Clear pink and blue connexion
  14. Natasja

    Tamagotchi in the Netherlands!

    It seems like they were hiding the Tamagotchi connexion from me... I don't think they've released a lot of them, but i know where to get them now. Hmmm, i don't even know if other Tamatalk members live in the Netherlands... - Toychamp - Bijenkorf - some Intertoys They are quite expensive...
  15. Natasja

    I'm an addict, help me!

    Well, it isn't such a bad thing to be addicted to i guess.. There's sill room to live here ;-). Do you also collect tamagotchi's? My collection is stored in 2 boxes and two big drawers.