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  1. kittyoa

    have you played wobbledogs?

    Yeah! I love wobble dogs, especially since they 'pup'ate. I like punny things what can I say. >:3 it's always fun seeing how far you can push the genetics... but then I end up feeling sad about seeing them failing to get around v.v
  2. kittyoa

    Hydric's Journaling Log: Comments Ok

    Your art is so pretty! It's always nice seeing an update, hope you have a great week :D
  3. kittyoa


    Hello fellow newbie o/ I don't know much about oddpets but just off name alone they sound really cool. I hope you get to live out the dream of collecting a bunch of them
  4. kittyoa

    New member, old time lurker

    Yeah I do! I would never get rid of any of my small collection. I just need to set a limit on how many I run at time otherwise I'll burn myself out lol. I keep an eye out at any second hand store just in case they're selling any... That's how I got my connections in the first place. I'm...
  5. kittyoa

    13 Tamagotchi Challenge - I'm losing my mind (Comments OK)

    Kevin really did survive until the end despite it all huh, love that for him. Also o.o wow what a challenge, thanks for sharing the experience it was fun to read through
  6. kittyoa

    New member, old time lurker

    Hi I've been interested in tamagotchi om and off for a while now, even going on here on occasion. I don't remember why I didn't make an account but welp here I am. A bit about me, feel free to call me Kitt. I'm 20 years old and I use she/her pronouns. I like all sorts of Nintendo games, mostly...