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  1. mulliganaceous

    The V3 exclusive characters

    After looking at the V3 character list, I noticed six characters (plus a costume) exclusive to V3. Unlike the V2, all characters received modern artworks on the V3, and was even animated on the TV commercials, though those from Osu/Mesu and V3-exclusive sources are harder to find. It took a...
  2. mulliganaceous

    The V2 Tamagotchi without an official artwork

    Tamagotchi V2 and V3 are known for having some very little-known Tamagotchi, with V2 in particular having very poorly-detailed character outlines for at least five of the tamagotchis and a lack of a modern artwork. Though many Tamagotchi editions have characters exclusive to one version, almost...
  3. mulliganaceous

    Death criteria for Connection pets

    However, I heard that some people perform ROM dumps on Tamagotchi connections. I bet there must be an algorithm determining if the tamagotchi shall die, and is there any strategy to keep the tamagotchi at minimal health but still alive indefinitely.
  4. mulliganaceous

    Death criteria for Connection pets

    During the years 2005-2007 I have been interested in the Tamagotchi fad, noticing that many of the kids at that time owned a Tamagotchi. The majority of the Tamagotchis I saw during that era were Odd Generation Tier 5 adults and Tier 2 teenagers. Many of them also managed to stack up to eight...