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  1. Purimatchi!

    The mysterious european Tamagotchi...

    That was my initial thought as well! I am intrigued as to what kind of "gimmick" for lack of better words this version will have surrounding it. It is also giving me some Tama-Go vibes as well, but I could easily be wrong. I am wondering if there is IR underneath the potential removable top...
  2. Purimatchi!

    New p1 and p2 shell design for the UK

    I wonder if these shells are exclusive to the UK, either way it is pretty cool that the P1's and P2's are still going strong! I am curious to see if Europe will have different face plates kind of like South Korea.
  3. Purimatchi!

    Will changing the time mess up my Tama's growth?

    With my experience changing the time does not really effect the growth of the Tama. The only thing that may effect it is if you change the time to keep it constantly asleep and never wake up it will not change into the next stage of life. It sounds like you have the Peter Pan Glitch. as of right...
  4. Purimatchi!

    Buying several versions of Meets: Worth the splurge?

    I am running 4 Tamagotchi On's right now and have been pretty successful with keeping them alive. (2 Magic and 2 Fairy On's) I also want to get the Sanrio and other versions that are Japanese exclusive, as of right now. Running more than one isn't too hard, if you can handle one, you can most...
  5. Purimatchi!

    Tamagotchi On: Why can't I take a photo?

    You have to wait until you see your character in their room and then you press either A or B (I can't remember which one). It takes a little bit but not long, after that it will show you the date and the name of your character too.
  6. Purimatchi!

    Tamagotchi Nano Demon Slayer: North American Release

    I feel you! I like the shell designs a lot as well and I only know of Demon Slayer, but past the name and a few character designs, I know nothing xD
  7. Purimatchi!

    Tamagotchi Music Star Music Lessons

    UPDATE:  @PunkRockTamagotchi I finally got around to making the video and was able to film a successful and unsuccessful run to show both endings to the game, I hope this was somewhat helpful!
  8. Purimatchi!

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  9. Purimatchi!

    Tamagotchi ON Wonder Garden

    Seeing that this release is indeed confirmed by Bandai and several retailers have them up for pre-order, should this be moved out of the Rumors section?
  10. Purimatchi!

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  13. Purimatchi!

    How to get a pure Majoritchi in Tama On?

    That is super interesting, I am going to have try it out and see if it helps! Thank you for the link and good luck with getting the Majoritchi genes!
  14. Purimatchi!

    How to get a pure Majoritchi in Tama On?

    For her you are going to have to mix with mixed genes from the CPU's or if you come across anyone with mostly Majoritchi genes. I have successfully gotten pure Atchitchi two generations in a row. This being said everything except his proper color, I think one was purple and the other was red...
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