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  1. cherryxz

    Coca Cola VS Pepsi War

    Do you prefer Coca Cola OR Pepsi? This is similar to all the wars posted. :D The game will start at 250. If you like Coca Cola, decrease the number. If it ends at 0, Coca Cola wins. If you like Pepsi, increase the number. If it ends at 500, Pepsi wins. LETS GO :D 250!
  2. cherryxz

    Favourite Japanese Version?

    Hi guys! I am thinking of getting a Japanese version connections, but I don't know what to get. I currently only have a uratama and I am enjoying playing with it. Any recommendations? :) EDIT: Sorry, I also have the Japanese Angel/Morino/Mothra/Ocean/TamaOtch
  3. cherryxz

    Random Facts About Yourself

    Hi guys! Gonna post a new game :) So, the rule is, each person have to post a word, and write about something random that relates to yourself. The next person then uses the last character to form a new word and a fact about yourself. For example, The first word is Rainbow, random fact...
  4. cherryxz

    Buru Buru Angel

    Hey guys I recently got this Jap tamagotchi angel, the packaging looks legit with the Bandai logo and everything. BUT I find a few things really weird: - The packaging is different from the Jap angels that I googled from eBay - The picture of the angel is different (the one on the screen) -...
  5. cherryxz

    Tamagotchi Music Fever

    Hey guys! I recently chanced upon a music fever, and I got one because it looks so cute hahaha :P It looks like this I tried to google for more information but the information that came up was pretty useless.. Can someone who owns this give me some guide to it? It would be great if...
  6. cherryxz

    What is your dream vacation?

    I wish that one day I will be rich enough to travel around the world, without worrying about the costs needed to travel around. I would like to visit Dartmoor National Park in UK. That would reallyyyyy make me super happy ^^ Of course, if I was that rich I will buy all the tamagotchi that I...
  7. cherryxz

    Anybody knows where to buy these?

    Anyone knows where to get these? I want to buy it for my tamagotchi P's, and I have been hunting around for quite some time but I can't seem to find it. Thanks in advance! :D PS/$11.95 for a tamagotchi 4u cover, is it worth it?
  8. cherryxz

    Anyone flying off?

    Hello! :D Anybody going overseas in the near/not so near future? I am going to Thailand next week and I am super excited! :D Anyone from Thailand? Hahaha
  9. cherryxz

    Should I have .............?

    Just wanted to ask this question... Should I have crochet another round for the crochet cover I just made for my V6???? It kinda fits quite well, but it doesn't at the same time........ A picture below: Feel free to ask other questions starting with "Should I have................." :)
  10. cherryxz

    Cherryxz's Tamagotchi P's Tamalog :)

    Hello guys :) I am very excited to start my first tamagotchi log! It will be based on my first tamagotchi that I have gotten, since I last played it (when I was a young girl)... And some pictures... TADAAAAA! My Tamagotchi P's. I got the Aikatsu set, as I was torn between the white/pink...
  11. cherryxz

    Faint Pixel

    Hi guys.. I just recently dugged out my veryyyyy old tamagotchi. Its the 1997 version. I just loaded in new batteries, and there is sound, but the pixels are super duper faint. I can see some thing moving but it is barely visible. Can anyone help? :/ Here are some pictures
  12. cherryxz

    Removing scratches from screens

    Hello all!! Have been reading through the different forums and found that there is this product called Displex to remove scratches from screens. Just wanted to ask: 1. Do you use A ) Displex scratch remover polish (this is in red tubes) or B ) Displex LCD screen small scratch remover polish...
  13. cherryxz

    Tamagotchi P's Pierce Link Fail

    Hello all! I recently ordered a fairy change pierce for my P's but I cannot seem to link it at all. :( Can anyone help? I tried blowing at the pierce and my tamagotchi, but it doesn't help. I have several other pierces and those can be connected/linked to my P's. Below is a pic
  14. cherryxz

    Tamagotchi 4u Puzzle Pieces

    Hello guys, I just found out that there is a puzzle piece function on the 4u, similar to the P's! Here is what I found out for mametchi: Likes: - Sushi (restaurant) - Experiment kit - Cleaning robot/dream capsule (sorry can't remember which one was it!) The last piece is gotten...