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  1. chichimi

    Tarakotchi will only go to Pre-school?

    I don't. I just. oO; Everytime I try and get him to go "away" for like, band practice or to go to the recording studio, he just... goes to preschool. He acts as if he's a baby, and will play jumprope and stuff. I'm not really sure why? Or if this a normal thing? Please help.
  2. chichimi

    So, I'm putting this here, because I'm fairly certain this is a normal thing but...

    So, I recently got a Music Star Tamagotchi. But, you know, they're (Tamagotchi's) sort of hard to take care off all the time. I don't really wanna pause it or adjust the time, but I just kind of try and manage the best I can. The very first 'Gotchi I got though, we'll call her Abby, got to...
  3. chichimi

    Can't Keep Music Star Tama Fed?

    Okay, so, I just got back into Tamagotchi's (Yaaay~) And obtained a Music Star Tama. But! I can't seem to keep the poor thing happy and fed because I never have any Tama points for food! Is there a trick to getting Tamapoints? The 'Gotchi at the door used to come give us money, but now he...
  4. chichimi

    setting new time

    How do I do it?How do I chage the clock on the tamagotchi!
  5. chichimi

    Randi's tama log

    Before she starts writing,I just wanted to say that She's desided that she doesn't want to share a log with me.Why? I dun know.*shrugs* Now, here's Randi! Randi: Uhhhh....i'm new at this,so anyway,I'm just telling all of you that I had one before this,but the battery ran out,and I desided to...
  6. chichimi

    April and the fire

    *Beep!beep!* April Summers' Mimitchi beeped.Nobody,not even the teacher payed it any mind. April got Mila out and saw nothing was wrong,so she punished her."Mila," she wisperd"You only call me when you need something." she waged her finger playfuly. See,everyone was used to the idea that april...
  7. chichimi

    Wow,I've never seen this color

    peach tama with white flowers. Weird,huh? :( :lol:
  8. chichimi

    Mila's/Milo's tama log

    I don't have her/him yet,but come oct. 16th,I will. If a girl,her name will be Mila.If a boy,his name will be Milo.So,right now I'm just saving this spot before the board get's over loaded.
  9. chichimi

    who lives in lansing?

  10. chichimi


    Randi brung her tamagotchi to school last week,and now every class i go,I FIND A TAMAGOTCHI ON AT LEAST 20 PEOPLES WASTS.And lets just say there are usly 20 to 25 people in each class.Worse partI DON'T HAVE ONE!I feel so left out!
  11. chichimi

    nobody's on the new chat baord..

    now I need help.I pressed the help butten and couldn't get it to go away,so,I exited the window,then when I tryed to log back in,it said it was already in use!What'll I do
  12. chichimi

    I have determaned when my tama's birthday will be.

    on friday,October 8th,I will pay my mom off.For those of you who have read my sig and wonder what it was I'm paying her off for,it was a GBA SP. and Milo's/Mila's birthday will be...*drumroll*October 23rd! Yeah!Boo-ya! Happy me! :( :huh: :lol: :o ;) :D :lol:
  13. chichimi

    :o ???

    One of my friends was buying a tamagotchi a few days ago.She was so exsited she called me and explained EVERYTHING she was doing. " Oh!oh!Alex,I'm the dog toy area!That means I'm close!' and 'Ohhh!!!I have it in my hands!' Dear lord,she was over joyed.I think she brought Mountan Due when I...
  14. chichimi

    how mucth do batterys cost?

    But I don't know how mutch the cost or even what kind they will you please help me? :P :(
  15. chichimi


    When they advertise the tama's on T.V,They show the tamagotchi plus!,but,it's here in the US!
  16. chichimi

    I need some help.

    ok.I get $8 a week,and I get paid every other week.But I found out that my friends brithday is in a month.4 weeks and 2 days.Now,If I keep going on my normal allounce,It'll be 6 more weeks untill I pay my my mom off and them 4 more weeks untill I can get two tamagotchi's.(one for me,one for his...
  17. chichimi


    I think we should add a log forum.You know,where people can tell others about there pets and what they do. Ect: At 3:48,my_______ bounced up and down,then My best friend and I connected,and they played. ya know?
  18. chichimi

    how long do the batterys last?s

    Just wondering.
  19. chichimi

    Hiya people!I'ma new person!

    When I get one,which is going to be a while,because I'm paying my mom off for something,I want the bunny with black ears!I'm about to look up the name of it,but still.