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    Digimon V3 and V4 Log

    Well I started up 2 of my Tamagotchi Bandai Digimon, a clear purple with orange border and buttons, its a Version 3.... Then a clear yellow with blue border and buttons Version 4..... I started them up seen thier cute little eggies. V3 egg was white with a lightning bolt down it and V4 was white...
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    My Umi-nogotch log

    I didnt know whether or not to post this under Ansesters or Fun Stuff..... So I figured Id take a shot and try here, if it belongs elsewhere please feel free to move it to a correct location. But.....I got my Tamagotchi Ocean in the mail on saturday, feb 11th. I started it up as soon as it...
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    Tamagotchi V3

    I fount Version 3's at Toys r us for 14.95. just go to and see for yourself. I thought people would like to know that were looking for one and didnt want to pay the outrageous amount for one on ebay. These are not preorder either. So go for it!!! :blink:
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    Things I have noticed.

    I have been looking at the V2 Character chart and there are several flaws in it. Like Petitchi boy/girl. Thier names are Puchitchi and Shiropuchitchi. Hotodetchi is Hitodetchi. Wooltchi is suppose to be Urutchi. UFOtchi is not an adult it is a Teen and Its actual name is Yu-fotchi. Korotchi is...
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    My second to the first group hatching

    I am going to attempt on starting another group hatching my first one didnt go over very well. only had like 2 people besides myself join it and one of them decided to just back out later. Soooooooooo if you want to join my group hatching, please let me know. It will start on Dec 11th. Feel free...
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    Tamagotchi Digimon

    Is there anyone who still plays with thier Digimon. I still do those things were wonderfull. I have version 1,3,4,and 5. still looking for a version 2. currently right now im playing with my Purple and Orange version 3.
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    Masktchi or Maskutchi

    Since the V1 came out last year, I have always known it as Masktchi, People on here refered to it as Masktchi. Months later, I notice people started calling it Maskutchi. Did they change its name? As far as I know Bandai still has its name as Masktchi, unless they have changed it, and my...
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    avater please

    I have PMed and PMed people that say they can make them untill ive PMed myself out. If anyone reads this, please make me an avater. All i simply want it a Kuchipatchi and a Dorotchi together... either kissing or just surrounded by hearts.... I would just like to have something like that if not...
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    Tamagotchi Angel YAY

    I am just so happy that i finally got a Tamagotchi Angel... it is in japanese but i dont care. Its gray... and pretty... and yay... i used to have an american version i got at a magic mart.... when i was 13... which was like..well along time ago. and it was pastel yellow and white... it was...
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    Group hatching on Friday at 9pm

    As the topic sais i am starting a group hatching on Friday august 19th. if you would like to join it please send me an IM or post here. My parent will leave its baby on friday so thats why i suggested friday. But we will report on each stage of growth starting from baby to adult. just post it...
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    I have a BIG quesion.

    I was gonna breed my V1 and V2 together and i though about it indepth a little bit..... and the question i need to ask is... my girl is on my V1 and if i mate then and she has the 2 babys and when one goes over to my V2 will it stay a Babytchi or a Shirobabytchi or turn into a Puchitchi and a...
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    People listen to me. I have posted this going on the 3rd time now. You CANNOT get Nazotchi, The reason why it is in the debug program is because, Nazotchi is a seeable character. But you CANNOT get it. You will see this when the Keitai (Wave 2) come out. There are characters in the Keitai that...
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    Nazotchi and the truth behind it.

    I mailed bandai about Nazotchi and why you can get it through Debuggin and this was the answer i got back. Dear: Mr. Everly We at Bandai are sorry to inform you that the "Nazotchi" character you asked about does not exist in any Tamagotchis. The reason you may see this and many more...
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    No beeps

    I am not new to tama but this is the only proper location that appeared proper for it. ButI keep my tama with me all the time i never really leave home and here latly its been supposidly beeping it dont make the noise but ill look at it and itll be doing the "pee pee dance" and ill check it and...
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    Generation 10

    I know ppl may have already made it to the 10th generation or over but i am just excited i mean it was really hard to get it to that without letting your Tama ever die. Check out my signature to see which 1st 10 tamagotchis i got. :D
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    Tamagotchis at wal-mart cheaper

    i went to wal-mart last night and decided to buy a white tama with stickers. i got to the check out counter and she rung it up and it was 9.95 i asked her if this was a mistake and she said no it wasnt that they got reduced. they just havent repriced them they still say they are 14.95 but they...
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    wal-mart sucks

    I was on doing some searches for some things and on the side of the screen it popped up tamagotchis. 9.99 i was over joyed.....i ran to wal-mart to get another one cause im adicted and they are still 14 95 like they have always been. that pees me off. you can get them online from...
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    tamatalk chat

    ive been in the chat quite a few times..... and i have noticed that alot of the people in there abuse their right to be in there. like making fun of each other, and that is just one of the many things ive noticed in there. I thought the chat room was for the tamatalk members to get to know each...
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    i tried that "nazotchi" trick on both of my tamagotchis and my friend even tried himself. and i ended up with an Androtchi and a Tarakotchi. He ended up with 2 Tarakotchi. So i am not going to listen to anyone anymore about how to get "Nazotchi" because they are just liars, and i have come to...
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    i am on my 4th generation on my oldest Tama and everytime i mate with my friends i always get a girl except once...but anywho can the parents only have 2 babies of the same gender or can the have one boy and one girl this complex's me if anyone has any answers please let me know...thanks