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    What game are you currently playing?

    I'm currently playing the Wind Waker (Gamecube version)
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    [REMAKE] Any games you're excited to be released?

    Link's awakening is getting a remake on the switch...I can't wait!
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    Do you Miss The Ps2?

    I own a PS2, but it doesn't work very well. I use to play it as a kid - but don't have that many memories compared to the ps1.
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    Restarted my V3 tamagotchi, this thought came to my mind.

    Those who owned/own a V3, do you remember when you neglected your tama it would eventually die and turn into an angel? Well I just had this thought, what if the tamagotchi died from being obese? E.G: 99lbs. Do you think this would have made it more fun or more of an annoyance?
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    Do you remember your first tama?

    If i remember correctly, my first ever tama was the V2.
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    12 years later

    It is indeed crazy! I came on here when I was 11 years old and I am now 22. It feels like I've come back to an old home that I left years ago. this place brings back so many memories, so much has change over the years! :o
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    How many tamagotchis are you playing right now?

    Two tamagotchis! V3 and v4.
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    V3 tamagotchi won't become an adult

    Thanks guys, he's evolved! Had a baby too!
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    How old is to old for a Tamagotchi?

    Nope you are perfectly fine! I'm 20 and own two tamagotchi's.
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    V3 tamagotchi won't become an adult

    It's a downloaded tamagotchi, found a few days ago. Put new batteries in. It became a teenager around age 1 or 2.
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    V3 tamagotchi won't become an adult

    Hi, my version 3 is now 4 years old, and has not evolved into an adult. I have not paused it at all. Does anyone know what the problem could be? Thanks in advance!
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    Bored 😵😥😌😔

    You could try raising up the different skill points to see what jobs your tamagotchi can get. As for the newest tamagotchi, i'm not sure which one that is, i'm only familiar with v2, v3 and v4.
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    why do you like tamagotchi?

    I'm not allowed a real life pet, so tamagotchi's are the closest things i got to having one :)
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    bazla1234 v4 log

    Update status for pyonkotchi. Pencil: 26 Star: 4 Flower: 10 Name: Bruno LB:42 Age: 4
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    My first Log ever - Connection V2, 3, and 4

    So much better then my log! Also this brings back memories, gosh i miss v2 and v3. :(
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    bazla1234 v4 log

    Oh some update on pykontchi! He was a child from the kutchi family and had later evolved into teen kuchipatchi. I was convinced i would end up with kuchipatchi but it turns outa i got pykontchi instead! oh well! I think i'm going to try and give better updates for my tamagotchi. I know i will...
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    bazla1234 v4 log

    It's been a while! Ron ended up having a kid named luke who evolved into gazuratchi. He then had a kid named Bruno who is noe a pyokontchi (yay) none of theme got jobs. I couldn't be bothered to play with them, university work and other things taking over!
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    Finally got my favourite tamagotchi character after 8 years!

    I don't think i have, but according to old tama talk posts i did once, but i honnestly don't remember getting him. Since he is one of my favourite characters, i should remember if i did get him or not.:/
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    bazla1234 v4 log

    10 g started today. This one is a boy and is called Ron. I hoping it will evolve into a mame child (Marutchi) but his mother married a kuchi type so we will have see. I know the evolution from baby to toddler is random but the parents do have an effect.
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    Discovering TamaTalk?

    Honnestly don't remember. Must of stumbled on it one day or someone told me about it. It was 8 years ago.