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    What time does your school/work start?

    My school starts at 12:40. I'm looking for a job right now, though/
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    Pictures of you

    I'm curious to what other people look like on here. Here's a few recent pictures of me:
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    How old are you going to be on your next birthday

    how old you gonna turn? ill be 18! ;) on march 12
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    Whens your birthday? Mine is March 12, 1993 :D I'm almost 17! ;) And I can finally move out of my parents house.
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    Who's your favorite comedian? Mine is George Carlin! He's sooo funny! Funniest comedian ever :)
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    Aniaml Crossing: City Folk

    I love that game! I now have WiFi and I just love WiFi-ing! I WiFi with my real-life BFF, Hannah, and it was funn I looove her town
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    Anyone listen to the GOOD rap out there?

    Anyone listen to the GOOD rap out there?? Some of the GOOD rap is: Three 6 Mafia South Park Mexican Eminem Paul Wall Mike Jones Kanye West Lil Wayne Most people know Kanye West and Lil Wayne because they actually play their songs on the radio. They definately DON'T play South Park...
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    My birthday :]

    Well... my birthday was March 12, but still :] I'm 16. :D
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    Do any of you have videos of yourself? I have a couple vids of my friends and I on myspace. :D This happened earlier today at Colleen's house. :P On the way to Colleen's place Me flipping out...
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    Ice Storm```

    If you live in Texas, or in states near it, you probably got an ice storm right? I did. School is closed today because of it. Although it's almost 1pm and the ice is almost all gone. But I'm glad we had no school :P
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    FINALLY starting my period soon?

    Okay lately, as in, starting this past Saturday, I've been getting sad and mad at alot of little things. I mean, I used to be like this, but earlier my friend told me to stop messaging her on MSN because it was messing it up, and I got sad! :[ Earlier this evening I was crying for WHATEVER...
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    1/16/09 - 3:45pm

    Today (1/16) at 3:45pm was the worst moment of my life. Here's the story: At the end of my street, me and my dad switch places so I drive. He said to pull in the garage. I didn't want to but I decided to anyways :] My foot went on the gas pedal and we went fast for a sec, but my dad's foot was...
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    Werid Fetishes...

    Do you guys have any weird fetishes? I do. Some fetishes that you wouldn't think most girls would have. I think it's hot when HOT guys fart. Yes, only hot ones. Not just any guy. Like, if Troy (my boyfriend) farted, I'd think it's hot. <:] Also I think it's hot with HOT guys burp. Not just...
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    What graduating class are you?

    What graduating class are you? I'm a sophomore now so I'm Class of 2011 :] The way you find out what class you are, if you don't already know, is: say you're in 7th grade, count up until 12th grade, add that many years to the current year, and thst SHOULD be the year you graduate high school...
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    Are you obsessed with the opposite/same/both sex?

    I don't mean friendship-wise. I mean attractive, as in you 'like' them. Me? I freakin' love boys!! And only boys! Boys are probably the world's greatest thing EVER! ^^ Of course, not all boys are the greatest... xP What about you? :]
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    Youtube Account

    How many channel views have you gotten? How many videos have you watched? Channel Views: 1,838 Videos Watched: 7,261 :] I have only one video. Just of my puppy, Pepper, and her 2nd best friend, which is my aunt and uncle's puppy, Macy...
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    Hit Clips Players

    I remember I had one, but I hated it because it only played 60 seconds of the song >_> really dumb... If you don't remember them, here's a commercial: // You'll have to wait a few seconds before it starts. That commercial was...
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    Did 2007 and 2008 just go by real fast for you?

    Did it? It sure did for me! I remember 1/1/2008 and I was like "wow 2007 is already over. That year went by fast" and now here it is, a year later, 1/1/2009, and I'm thinking 2008 just zoomed by. Maybe it's because I'm getting older... I'll be 16 in March... not really excited about that :/
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    Kidz Bop

    Do you like it? I FREAKIN' HATE IT! And I hate how they decided to make their own version of Katy Perry's Hot N' Cold!!! They sound so bad I just want to slap every single one of the dumb kids who sang that song! I mean, I don't mind them making their own version of it BUT THEY SHOULD HAVE...
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    Have you? I have and currently am. I hae 2 boyfriends now. I dumped Blaine &gt;_&gt; But I'm making this poll only because I don't care about your feelings on it. I really don't. I just want to know how many people have honestly cheated. Be honest. Nobody will know who voted for what anwser...