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    Tama piccy!

    its sooo cool! WERES BROWSSe!
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    Its my 10th birthday today

    Yay its my birthday today and i got a new Tamagotchi Angel yay!. Ashleigh & Aimee.
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    Do you like Ringotchi?.

    I think there the coolset character ever what do you think?. Ashleigh & Aimee.
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    Making a website

    Ok i am thinking of making a Invisionfree site but i need a banner for it i just want one that is Red Has lots of Ringotchi on it and says Ringotchi Rally Please guys help me out here i will give you credit tell me what you want and i will try and do it for you!. Ashleigh & Aimee.
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    I am Ringotchi-fan603

    Hiya my name is Ashleigh and i am 10 years old i have brown hair and a fringe my school uniform is green and my best friends in school are called Georgia & Lucy i love tamagotchi and real animals i have cats i have a twin called Aimee-Leigh she says hiya my favourite food is Chicken(Sorry...