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    Yeehaa!We're goin' to Texas!

    Yeehaa!We're.......Whatever.It's me,Pete.An' it's time for......Uh....... Part 4:A...Ghost? Now that thing there was scary.An' it came closer an' closer.Then we saw it.It was a tamagotchi ghost!"Thanks...Uh,you can go now,"I said."There's been nobody here for 58 years,"said the ghost.The ghost...
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    What did you think about "Moving"?

    It took me quite long to make that story,hope you liked it!Tell me what you think about it! :D ;)
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    Today when I woke up I realised my V3(that was an adult)woke up at 8 a.m. and my V2(that was a teen)woke up at 10 a.m.! :o Can somebody tell me what happened?Please!!!! :( :(
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    The Kidnapped Dancer

    Chapter 1:Kidnapped Once there was a :) that was named Lucia,but everybody called her Dancer,because she was very good at dancing.One night,when Lucia was going to bed,a :furawatchi: named Oscar broke her bedroom window.Oscar came out,and after him came a :nyatchi: named Willy,and a...
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    It's me!

    Hello!I am not new.I am also known as flubber.It feels good to have a different account.I hope I can make even more friends as BFFLGOTCHI(for short,BFFL). :blink: :mellow: :angry: