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  1. Purimatchi!

    Tamagotchi On Glitch ?

    So I have yet to have problems with my Tamagotchi On, until last night. I married one of my Tamagotchi's off to someone on the app and everything was fine connected back and hatched the baby without any issue. I connect the Baby to the app to gain some likes for it before it becomes an adult! I...
  2. Purimatchi!

    Special Item Question for the TMGC On

    Somehow on my Magical On I acquired a Map (special item) and cannot remember how I obtained it. I am trying to get the same item on my Fairy device and have tried going to different locations in attempt to acquire the Map, but no luck so far. Does anyone know where i can get it? Thank you in...
  3. Purimatchi!

    Tamagotchi m!x Advertisement

    Both of these parents are female, aren't they?
  4. Purimatchi!

    Tamagotchi iD L 15th Anniversary Character Selection

    Ok Is anyone mad that the Characters on the 15th Anniversary aren't exactly paired up? Like Dazzelitchi is a character, but no Dreamitchi! I really think they could/should have added Dreamitchi in any way, at least, make him the other special character. they did the Princess and Prince. I really...
  5. Purimatchi!

    TMGC Nano

    I bought a Tamagotchi Nano from a facebook group I'm in and I can't wait, I know it's an easier version to play/raise, but I'm really excited to play with it, sometimes raising the more intricate versions get tiring. Hopefully, this will be a breath of fresh air for me and let me study and have...
  6. Purimatchi!

    Kukee App

    I have searched and didn't really find anything, but the Kukee app that is advertised on the Tamagotchi Friends has anyone gotten the app to work for them? I tried with every thing I have and nothing has worked, I scan the little symbol that comes on the paper thing and it won't even take a...
  7. Purimatchi!

    Sorette Kuchipatchi Clips ^There's the link^ What do y'all think about these clips? They are very cute and relateable. It really makes me want to have the Sorette Kuchi merchandise. I like the fact that there is a whole line of products dedicated to Kuchipatchi and his family, it's very...
  8. Purimatchi!

    Hexagontchi Help

    OK I am NOT a NEW Tamagotchi Owner BUT I do need help with my Hexagontchi! I need Help with Spelling out the HEXAGON. I have the HE__GON I need help with the X AND A. I'd Appreciate any help with any letter. How do I get the X and the A?
  9. Purimatchi!

    Does anyone listen to Dream5?

    I listen to the band Dream5, they sing the theme songs to the "Tamagotchi" Anime Series in Japan. If you haven't heard of them here you go: //
  10. Purimatchi!

    I'm Not Really New!

    Hey TamaTalk i had to create a new account that wasn't Girly like Miss Perfect! I was going more for Gripatchi but i diddn't know her name at the time ... hi guys! and i posted already and it says i have 0 post i should have 2! whats up with that? :mellow: