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  1. RachelAnne

    Angel is angry when returning from a stroll

    Oh my gosh thank you so much! I assumed it was something I had to do and that I broke it somehow. Very glad to know it’s all ok! 
  2. RachelAnne

    Angel is angry when returning from a stroll

    Can anyone explain the Angel’s stroll mechanism to me? When I praise and tap the screen the tama always makes an angry sound. The tapping isn’t broken because I can use it to scare the bats away.
  3. RachelAnne

    Friends model reviews?

    Did you enjoy the gameplay?
  4. RachelAnne

    Friends model reviews?

    Thanks! Glad to not have wasted money, lol. I have an On and a Meets as well as a pac man  and V4, but I'm trying to build my collection. So sad I let my childhood tamas go years ago!
  5. RachelAnne

    Friends model reviews?

    I found a really cheap Tamagotchi friends, but I’ve heard mixed reviews. Is it worth playing if I only have one tamagotchi friends? 
  6. RachelAnne

    Tamagotchi angel leaves screen?

    Just the care icon is lit up! Oh my gosh though, maybe I’ve been doing it wrong. I’ve been tapping then praising it. Maybe I needed to just have the praise icon highlighted
  7. RachelAnne

    Tamagotchi angel leaves screen?

    I can’t figure out what I’m supposed to do when my angel goes on a stroll? I tap the screen but nothing happens. The tapping seems to work to scare away the bats from his candy but not when I tap to call him back from the walk? What am I doing wrong?
  8. RachelAnne

    Mix genetics in the meets/on app?

    I’m confused about how people are getting the jellyfish and other mix genes in their characters from meets or on series. I was considering buying one because I assumed that it meant they could somehow marry, but I am getting conflicting information. Does anyone know how the mix genes got to the...
  9. RachelAnne

    Mix version comparisons?

    I’m thinking about buying a mix! Does anyone know of somewhere that I can see the locations on each model and their characters on one page? I’d like to compare them since I can’t buy two right now.    Also, can a mix marry one of my meets or on devices? 
  10. RachelAnne

    Maybe Tamagotchi ON/Meets Fantasy Edition in Worldwide?

    I would love to see more English translations as well. Especially the Sanrio, since it’s so expensive right now AND shipping isn’t cheap either. Maybe if the On sells well enough they’ll release more here but the stores near me haven’t even gotten the On, so I’m a little doubtful that they’ll...
  11. RachelAnne

    Angel gotchi vs American tamagotchi angel?

    That’s really creepy, you’re right. I decided to go for the English version, I might eventually buy a Japanese one though so I can have that cactus character because I love that!! The Japanese ones seem pretty easy to come by as well. I got a pretty good deal on the Angel I bought, which I’m...
  12. RachelAnne

    Angel gotchi vs American tamagotchi angel?

    I was going to buy a Japanese version of the angel that is guaranteed working, but I came across a listing for one that’s the American version BUT the seller hasn’t tested it and it’s as is. Is the tama angel worth enough to buy it with the risk of it not working? I thought it was pretty...
  13. RachelAnne

    Tamagotchi on: a success?

    I live in the northern US and I haven't been able to find any tamagotchis sold in any stores near me. The last I remember seeing a tamagotchi near me was when those nostalgia versions were released. Glad to hear they might be doing better in other parts of the country! 
  14. RachelAnne

    What tamas are good buys?

    Background- I used to play tamas all the time as a kid, I eventually got rid of them all which is really sad but I have a fairy on and pastel meets now!  I am thinking of buying a used IDL and an angelgotchi from japan you want, but I wanted to know if they are good ones to buy? I haven't ever...
  15. RachelAnne

    Pac-Man ✖️ Tamagotchi crossover announced

    Honestly when I was browsing Amazon and saw the listing I thought it was some kind of knockoff fake, but now reading about it it seems sort of fun and cute. I wish they'd release more in the US, so hopefully this will do well enough to encourage them to release more here! I'm happy that...
  16. RachelAnne

    Theory: Twin-Likelihood is Genetic

    There was a thread about this, someone asked why they kept getting twins. The chances must be really high because I almost always get twins as well. It would make sense if the chance was higher when the parent is a twin though. 
  17. RachelAnne

    Were you disappointed by the Meets/On app?hey

    I agree, I was hoping the app would be more like tamatown. It also crashes a lot for me and has issues connecting to my devices. It would be nice if you could make friends with other users on the app to visit their Tamas in a home or something instead of just proposing. I hope they’re going to...
  18. RachelAnne

    Having twins forever

    I was surprised at how frequent they are too. I assumed twins were meant to be really rare. I also almost always get boys too. I think I got a girl once? 
  19. RachelAnne

    Marrying Without MyMeets Application

    Is the English app available for you? I am able to connect my meets to the tamagotchi on app! 
  20. RachelAnne

    Having twins forever

    I haven’t gotten to generation 6, but I do quite frequently get twins. I have an on and a meets, and have played each one 4 generations (one died and now I started over, but 4th Tama) and I’ve gotten twins at least 50% of the time or more.