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    Hi!I'm BFFLGOTCHI.For short,BFFL.If you need help with anything,PM the guides. :huh: :blink:
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    Decorating Ur Tama!

    Some girls at my school make beaded geckos,I wonder why.I think they should put them on their tamas(lol).I made a beaded butterfly,it's huge,but when I find it,I'm gonna put it on my V3,since my V2 has a sticker.Great ideas there,Tama-007!
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    "Watch out!Dr.Hoohaa is evil!"."I have no idea what you're talking about,"Miwa replied,"Dr.Hoohaa is nice!You have a knife in your hand and you're not in the kitchen cutting something!You're the one that's evil!".
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    The Kidnapped Dancer

    They sneaked out.Just as soon as they got out,they evolved.Jake evolved into a :huh: and Lucia evolved into a..........
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    This is a true story.With different names because it's so hard for some english people(and some others)to say finnish names. :huh: Lilly :D Cassie :huh: Dad :huh: :*knocks at door* :huh: :*answers the door* :huh: & :huh: :Can we come to your house? :huh: :We are going...
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    hi i am new

    Click the PM button on the bottom of the post. ;) :D :D
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    I'm very new, HELP!

    Hi and welcome to TT!I'm BFFLGOTCHI.For short,BFFL.I like horses,my neighbor has one.If you need help with ANYTHING,PM the guides.I can help you with V2s and V3s.But mostly V2s(I got mine when I was 6 or 7).
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    So,what do you think?

    Doesn't anyone like it but us?
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    Then Miwa evolved into a B) !"That's strange,"Mime said,"Dosen't she have special genes from us?And she's not supposed to evolve?"."Let's see Dr.Hoohaa.He'll know what to do,"Funa said.So they took off to Dr.Hoohaa's house. P.S.Dr.Hoohaa is the scientist.
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    Which are better: Tamagotchis or power pals?

    My friend has a Power Palz toy and so does her brother.I don't understand them.I voted Tamagotchis. :hitodetchi:
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    So,what do you think?

    Okay,really.What do you think?Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!Nobody likes it! :D :wub: :lol: :lol: :D :D :D :D
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    Yeehaa!We're goin' to Texas!

    Yeehaa!We're.......Whatever.It's me,Pete.An' it's time for......Uh....... Part 4:A...Ghost? Now that thing there was scary.An' it came closer an' closer.Then we saw it.It was a tamagotchi ghost!"Thanks...Uh,you can go now,"I said."There's been nobody here for 58 years,"said the ghost.The ghost...
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    :D Stupid :D Coal :wub: :Hi! :D :Hi! :lol: :Hi! :D :Hi! :lol: :Hi! :P :Hi! :D :Sigh.
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    Weird storys

    ;) Tessa :wacko: Come on :ph34r: Hurry up :unsure: passer Tessa,Come on and Hurry up are going to the market. ^_^ :I'm gonna run. :ph34r: :So? ;) :*runs really fast*Bet you can't catch me!Ha! :wacko: Oh yeah,we're coming there right now!*runs really fast with Hurry up*...
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    Miwa asked,"How come come me look dumb?Me no want be dumb.NO!"."You don't look dumb,honey.You're special,"Funa told Miwa. Miwa is a baby so she talks funny.That wasn't part of the story.
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    The Kidnapped Dancer

    "Um.....Let's go to sleep,"said Lucia. CHAPTER 4:It's here! It was the day of the competition.Lucia and Jake were behind the stage.Jake said.................
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    Funa and Mime went to the park.They were both quiet. Funatchi:Mime,I really like you...I mean,I lo-I mean,um.... Mimimametchi:Yes.....? Funatchi:Well,I know this sounds weird but.......Will you marry me? Mimimametchi:Of course!!!I love you,Funa! Funatchi:I love you too,Mime!
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    Now this is a dedicated fan

    I saw it already.I like it.I'm weird. :blink: :D :(
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    constant beeping noise on version 2

    Both my tamas do that.It's on V3s too!It's kinda weird. :D
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    :D :You're so dumb.You look soooooooooooooo weird.*Goes away* Mimimametchi:I hate her.That's right.I HATE her. Funatchi:So do I.Let's go. Mime and Funa go to..............