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    Back... sort of..

    Heyyy I like to come back to TT every once in a while to see what's changed and what hasnt and stuff cause I probably won't ever leave this website (actually, the thought of me in an office or something 10 years from now at work sneaking on tamatalk when the boss isnt looking is kind of...
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    Are you related to a Famous/Infamous person?

    So lately I've been interested in my family and where I come from and stuff, and I found out Erwin Rommel is my great-great-great uncle (my g-g-great aunt married him), and my great grandfather told me I'm somehow related to President Obama (though I don't really believe that one lol). Does...
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    Funny website promoting safe driving

    I found this website from British Colombia promoting safe driving in a funny way. It was interesting to me, so I just wanted to share.
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    What's your favorite cereal?

    What kind of cereal is your favorite? These are all of the big-brand cereals I can think of on the spot
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    I got yelled at by the Jcpenny's manager today

    Today me and my BFF decided to go to the mall together to get some new accesories. So while we were in JCpenny's, we decided to try on these cool hats. then we put on some sunglasses. then we put on granny cardigans. then we put on a million necklaces. then we got these men's industrial...
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    Invader Zim!

    I was wondering... Why did that show get cancelled? I used to watch it a lot when it still came on. My friend told me it was too morbid or something and parents complained.
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    hair help!

    Does anyone know of a really good styling product that holds all day, but wont break the bank while I wait to get another haircut? First of all, here's my hair type: Condition: mildly damaged. It's been dyed and I straighten it almost every day, but is still soft and resilient how often is...
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    Have you ever dyed your hair?

    Im just curious because I like to change my hair color a lot =]
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    Panic! at the disco

    It has been FOREVER! I can wait until their new CD comes out. They keep changing the dates and stuff.
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    The Notebook

    Have any of you seen The Notebook? Seriously, I used up a box of kleenex watching it.
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    what's your favorite color?

    That's every color I can think of off the top of my head =]
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    Woa, I havent been here in a while

    Hey, just stopping by to say "hi". eveyone who was on here when I was is probably gone now, but whatever.
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    Im back, i guess

    Hey, you might not remember me. I left for a little bit, and im back, I guess.
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    There should be another section for avatars...

    I think there should be a section of tamatalk for avatars. there are so many topics, and it's gettting annoying. it's like half of the "non-tamatlk" section is avatars. people want avatars, people making avatars, people need avvie help, it goes on and on and on...
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    Anyone plan an instrument?

    I was just wondering if anyone played an instrument. If you play two, or don't see your instrument, post it :D I play flute and violin
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    cute tamagotchi stuff

    these are some cute things I saw on ebay. glittery carrying case carrying case flowerchi stuffie mimitchi this is cool :) this is a fake v6---- but its PINK!
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    Missing Tamagotchi..

    I was replacing the batteries of my tamagotchi, and when I touched the battery to the slot where it's supposed to go, this loud BEEEP came from my tamagotchi. The sound was turned off. then, when the battery was in, the face of the tamagotchi was blank. I hit "restart" and It amazingly worked...
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    Losing my baby

    Heather sat at the bottom of the cage, gripping onto life, but her muscules had become weak, and her breaths labored. My baby, Heather, the gerbil I have had for three years, passed away last night. Today I got Belle, my little black Gerbil. I am so sad, and heathers mate, pepper, is also...
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    What feature would be coolest on a tamagotchi

    what would be the coolest thing on a tamagotchi?
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    know what would be a good Idea?

    Tamagotchi in Color!! That would rock. Does anyone else think that would be soooooo awsome!! :rolleyes: