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    i have 1 question that admin should read

    :) furawatchi: :furawatchi: if u said no then the paper's only 4 events like a new section of tamatalk or some 1 got a cool new tama. :furawatchi: :furawatchi: :furawatchi: PLZ RESPOND :ichigotchi: *Edited: Too big!*
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    chose a tama symbol to use in every answer

    chose between :( :ph34r: :) :angry: :wub: :pochitchi: :P :mimitchi: :mametchi: :( :( :lol: :blink: feal free to chose the ones that aren't here two
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    Why is my tma lazy

    why is my tama lazy :) :D :P :P :huh: :huh: :huh:
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    Why don't they make tama toys

    Why don't they make tamagochi toys like action fiures, dolls, and stuffed animals :marumimitchi: :furawatchi: :gozarutchi: :hitodetchi: :pochitchi: :furawatchi: :D :mametchi: :furawatchi: :mimitchi: :wub: :puroperatchi: :lol: :)
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    tv tamagochi epesods

    TELL ME DO YOU OR DO YOU NOT THEINK IT WOULD BE SO COOL TO SEE TAMAGOCHI ON TV :marumimitchi: :furawatchi: :puroperatchi: poll edited by RR
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    tv tamagochi epesods

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    why are tamagochi uable to talk

    tell me how come tamagochi can't talk or do they have a langueg of their own :marumimitchi: :furawatchi: :puroperatchi:
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    :D :P B) :) :furawatchi: :lol: :mametchi: :mimitchi: :puroperatchi: :pochitchi: :gozarutchi: i didn't have enough room for them all you can chose ones that weren't here :wub: :marumimitchi: :hitodetchi:
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    Tamatama clan

    You don't have to joine but it would be nice to talk to the other club members about thier problems non tamagochi related and tamagochi related :ph34r: :o :D :lol: :lol: :furawatchi: :wacko: :lol: :gozarutchi: :gozarutchi: :gozarutchi:
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    The tama prttition

    What kind of new store do you want on tamagochi? :gozarutchi: :furawatchi: :wacko: :ph34r: :o :D :lol: :lol: :lol: :gozarutchi:
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    The tama prttition

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    Why dosen't it show my tama swiming in a pool

    My tama looks exacly like a duck but dosen't swim???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? :( :ph34r: :angry: :angry: :D :D :( :angry:
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    Which tama is more adorable?

    Tell me your faverit tama whith detalse why you like it :P :D :D :wub: :unsure: :kuribotchi: :blink: :D :ichigotchi: :pochitchi: :pochitchi:
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    Why did my tama have to go back to its home planit

    Why did my sweet Angle, Dewy, Angel, and Duedjr have to go back to tamagochi planit after the second day with there baby and leave it instead of staying and helping to tack care of it untill it turned into a toddler????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? :pochitchi...
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    Why did that happen to my handsome well behaved bo and his fater dudejr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i paied atention to them but why did this happen i ask you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????:-( :furawatchi: :unsure: :furawatchi: :wacko...