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  1. Hydric

    My Tama Smart stopped working?

    Im so sorry this happened to you! I just got a smart so thank you for the charging advice other posters. I prob would have fried mine because America's wattage is pretty strong.
  2. Hydric

    Just wondering which tamagotchi is the most liked…

    I love the Tamagotchi On! Really just all of the ones that had the option to pass on genetics. Music Star is a close second for me but I dont have one to play lol.
  3. Hydric

    Hydric's Journaling Log: Comments Ok

    Finished the page that starts my Eavatchi journal. This logo was kinda a pain to draw lol. Running slightly behind I gotta draw the Angel I just got hehe.
  4. Hydric

    weevol's tamagotch extravaganza comments okay ^_^

    Your keeping up with so many! Thats so cute that your sibling are into tamas with you! I need some IRL tama friends haha.
  5. Hydric

    Hydric's Journaling Log: Comments Ok

    Hoping around a bit here! so I got a dupe on my Evatachi so I didn't make a page for him. It was bardiel again. Instead I put the effort into working on the "title" section of my evatchi. But I got the batteries back in my Ps and continued where I left off! Mogumogutchi evolved and I had...
  6. Hydric

    Hydric's Journaling Log: Comments Ok

    I started up my Ps again because I was afraid if it was dead too long it woukd lose my data! And I really wanna collect all the tama there (accept for the one where you have to communicate with other tama Ps because I only own 1 and they are like $300 now @[email protected]) The data continued fine so yay...
  7. Hydric

    Hydric's Journaling Log: Comments Ok

    Bardiel was the next Angel to arrive on the Evatchi! I'm surprised there are so many Angels on here. I got the demon slayer one and I swear I had like 4 options. Also I ordered a New Tamagotchi! I'm torn on if I want to start it up or save it for a rainy day haha. But its a model thats brand...
  8. Hydric

    Hydric's Journaling Log: Comments Ok

    Time for a little shift!! My batteries died again in my P's and I need to go buy more. So in the mean time I started up my newest tama. My evatchi! I saved a page for drawing a welcome page for it but for now I drew my first Angel Ramiel who is actually one of my favs! (Well I really like his...
  9. Hydric

    Hydric's Journaling Log: Comments Ok

    I did it guys I finally got a tama with "middle care". I usually play with volume off so i just turned it on and started counting how many times it would call out to me haha.. So welcome home Patitchi you are loved. Had to take advantage of the opertunity to draw Mamapianitchi too. She do be...
  10. Hydric

    Mini Group Hatch July 1st

    Yes Thats exactly what I did lol! I thought Nano was just Japanese minis. But your right the nano have games so def not the same thing. (Is the chibi the mini?) Looks like I'll have to stalk ebay for a bit and see if I find something.
  11. Hydric

    Mini Group Hatch July 1st

    Yall are tempting me to buy a new mini! I only have themed ones and have been wanting a classic one haha. And as said before they are pretty cheap on amazon!
  12. Hydric

    Hello TamaWorld! :D Very good to have found this world indeed! :)

    Welcome! I recently bought the Evatchi nano but have started it up yet. It looks so cute in its packaging its just been sitting on my desk haha!
  13. Hydric


    I dont have a regular smart and this one coming out made the regular one drop in price. So im like should I get the regular one now that its cheap or spiffy new Sanrio! THE DECISIONS
  14. Hydric


    Ahhhh tempted to get this. My list of wants is too much haha!
  15. Hydric

    just got my first tama! hi :3

    Ahh the hello kitty ones are so cute I really should grab one! Welcome!
  16. Hydric

    Hydric's Journaling Log: Comments Ok

    Oh gosh my first true dupe. I accidently got Yukikotchi again. I was going for the middle care miss but ended up getting more then 8. These middle care missed are the hardest for me! I'm good at either super paying attention or not at all haha. Well at least I was able to give her a very...
  17. Hydric

    Do you Miss The Ps2?

    Same same still have my ps2 out ready to go ToT I'll always keep it but if a port is available ill usually play it just because it looks nicer on these HD TV. God some of the old games are so hard to look at haha. i finally getting old now 🤔 I went on a mega shopping spree when stores...
  18. Hydric

    Hi! I just found tama talk and I decided to join!

    Welcome! Hope you have fun with the new tama! It's a lot of learning at first but then you'll get used to it. The Shell (case) you have is a cool one 🔥
  19. Hydric

    Hydric's Journaling Log: Comments Ok

    This next Tama is OUT OF THIS WORLD! Spacytchi! Please excuse the pun lul. His favorites were easy to find since they pop up early in the list, didn't have to waste too much money. I accidently skipped forward some pages when I drew him but its fine ill just draw the next few before hand. Wanted...
  20. Hydric

    Komputer Koala Giga Pet log (Comments ok)

    Wow I had no idea giga pets had so many options. Like the training options and all of that. Such a good log I've learned so much about giga lets reading it!