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    My tama was taking a bath on its own...?

    :) my tama took a bath on its own, is this normal? :huh: -katie My tama: Name: Baby Age: 2 Weight: 24lbs Training: 5/9 Species: Itchigotchi Generation: 1g Gender: Girl :D
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    my toddler just turned into itchigotchi

    my toddler just turned into an itchigotchi, i was just wondering what the possible adults could become of my itchigotchi, and what should her normal behavior be like? also, she has three bars of training...should she be potty trained?? because she is still pooping on the gound. Normal? just...
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    ok thanks! ;)
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    are there different generations? what are they for does that mean baby, adult, child kind of thing??
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