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  1. Retrotamagotchi

    Novel Series Help

    Okay, so I am REALLY close to finishing my novel. If I don't get it done by the end of next week, I will go crazy (not really but you know what I mean). Until then, I've been researching some possible publishers. My mom says I shouldn't get an agent; she says I can do it on my own, and agents...
  2. Retrotamagotchi

    How to debug a V3

    Okay, so I was kinda bored using my iPad today (usually never happens, lol). So I decided to try and debug my V3. I know you think I'm terrible, someone debugging their very first tamagotchi! :o But I don't use it anymore, and it is a bit boring anymore (now you think I'm horrible). I found a...
  3. Retrotamagotchi

    2016 New Year's Hatch

    Hello! With the new year coming up soon, I thought it'd be fun to celebrate by making a group hatch! :D You can use any amount of tamagotchis, and of any vesion. Don't forget to comment in advance of which ones you will use and how many. Other virtual pets will be fine. I'll be using my V6...
  4. Retrotamagotchi

    The 1-Letter Story

    So this is like the 1 Word Story, except you must reply with only one letter!!!! I'll start! --- T
  5. Retrotamagotchi

    4U Touch Cards?

    so, I was thinking of buying a 4u with touch cards. What do the cards do anyhow? What stuff do they add to the tama? And how do you put them on your tama? My family likes apple stuff, so I'll probably get a 4u (not 4u plus).
  6. Retrotamagotchi


    Hello everyone! This is Retrotamagotchi! I've never done a log before, and this is a different kind. You see, each year, my family likes to take a three-week long vacation to Florida. We always stay for about two weeks at Disney World, and about one week at some beach resort. This year is just...
  7. Retrotamagotchi

    The Lyrics Game

    Okay, so this game was inspired by "What are You Listening to Right Now?" (btw that is not a game). Anyway, the first players posts the first lyric line from a song. That first player also says which song the lyric came from. The next player has to post which lyrics come next in the song. Then...
  8. Retrotamagotchi

    The #Hashtag Game

    This is kina like last post wins. The player posts a picture lf anything, it can me a drawing, a photo, anything. Then the next players posts the hashtags that would go with the previous player's picture. that player also posts a different picture for the next player. You're pic can also be in...
  9. Retrotamagotchi

    Zombie Hotel, Part 2

    Hello sorry this is so late! Unfortunately, my dream did not continue ( :( ), but I will write a part 2 anyhow! :D Note: here's the link to the 1st part of the story: --- Several minutes passed. Then what seemed like hours...
  10. Retrotamagotchi

    The Zombie Hotel, Part 1

    Okay, so um, this story is based off a dream I had today. Unfortunately, my mother woke me up before I could finish it. But if I continue the dream when I go back to sleep tonight, I will write another part. And even if I don't, I'll make up an ending. :) Note: the dialogue in this is not...
  11. Retrotamagotchi

    What Virtual World Would You Like to be Brought to Life?

    The title says it all. For me, it's Club Penguin and Animal Jam (can't stand the ridiculous drama, though :P ).
  12. Retrotamagotchi

    The Chain of Factoids

    Okay, I'm sure everyone knows at least one, useless fact, or factoid. That's what this topic is about. The first player writes a factoid, and the next player writes one. Try come up with a factoid that seems unusual or unknown. Good luck! this will also show off your smarty-pants skills I'll...
  13. Retrotamagotchi


    So, when I read the super-funny topic posted by EMF called "TamaTalk Town," I thought, hey! Maybe I should reopen that topic! But then I wanted to do something a little different. So, that's what THIS topic is about. Just because TamaTown is now disbanded, why can't we continue the awesome...
  14. Retrotamagotchi

    What Happens on First Day of Middle School?

    Okay, I'm writing a novel and it begins when this girl enters a new school. I haven't specified which grade (in the book), but I've been hinting at middle school. So, what happens when you very first enter a public middle school??? Do you sign any papers or something? Also, what age do you...
  15. Retrotamagotchi

    The Reference Game

    Okay, so the first player posts a reference from a book, movie, TV show, etc. The next players has to guess which book, movie, TV show, etc. the reference came from. That player then posts another different reference for the next player to guess. Note: the player who wrote the reference does...
  16. Retrotamagotchi


    So, um, I'm not sure if a topic has been done like this (if there it's certainly locked). Anyhow, what's the biggest secret you can spill to someone? You don't have to give the darkest, most hidden secret, just the one that can be told to someone. Here's mine: I play one of those social avatar...
  17. Retrotamagotchi

    iD L Changing Care Mark

    So, after reading the manual, I decided to buy some fruit seeds because it said it could change the care mark. I didn't know what the care mark was, but I decided to do it anyhow. I planted the seeds, and they grew into a peach. I've re-read the instructions over and over again, but I don't...
  18. Retrotamagotchi

    Team Group Journal -- Chapter 3-Lemonade Party

    "Datchi!" Kuchipatchi exclaimed. "Come to my lemonade party-datchi!" He handed me a yellow piece of paper. "Lemonade party? Mm...sounds delicious," I said, studying the flyer. "Yes! There will also be a special treat-datchi! But it's a secret-datchi!" "Nice." But I suddenly thought of a...
  19. Retrotamagotchi

    Team Group Journal, the Story -- Chapter 1-Cafeteria Duty

    "Kotonarutchi! Kotonarutchi! Please let me in!" I set down the book I was reading and wondered who was at the door. They were knocking so much and so hard I was afraid they might bust it down. I opened it, and there stood an orange tamagotchi with sparkling eyes. "Who are you?" I asked. "It...
  20. Retrotamagotchi

    Team Group Journal, the Story -- Chapter 1-To Curl or Not to Curl

    Let's just say it started with Memetchi. You know, Memetchi, the orange tamagotchi with those big, sparkling eyes. Her body shape is a lot like Makiko's, but she's much nicer. Anyhow, Memetchi's single hair at the top of her head was drooping more that usual, so she decided to get it curled at...