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  1. ♡TAMALOVER22♡

    I'm New Here!

    It's a toddler
  2. ♡TAMALOVER22♡

    Oh no

    It's a Gen 2 it ended up falling asleep at 10:00 on its own so...
  3. ♡TAMALOVER22♡

    Oh no

    My tama "adult" is not sleeping! HELP meeeeeeee
  4. ♡TAMALOVER22♡

    thoughts on tamagotchi pix?

  5. ♡TAMALOVER22♡

    Group hatch Sant patys day?

    I hatch mine so cute and tiny! How r ur pets looking old-school
  6. ♡TAMALOVER22♡

    Group hatch Sant patys day?

    Ok what time if u could plz put it in Texas time I am dumb
  7. ♡TAMALOVER22♡

    Tamagotchi Group hatching >w<

    Hello, ik it's a bit late but can I join?
  8. ♡TAMALOVER22♡

    I'm New Here!

    Hi welcome to tamatalk I'm Fairly new here to but I have figured stuff out! So I have a Gen 2 but I an sure there fairly the same so my toddler is just turned 3. My tama sleeps at 8:00pm and awakens at 9:00am it needs food around 3-5 times a day I give it more sometimes, I play with mine 2-3...
  9. ♡TAMALOVER22♡

    Group hatch Sant patys day?

    Nothing specific I am hatching my tamagotchi Gen 2 "cherry" Ooh ok 👍🏻 I am free all to day "that I know" i am busy on Friday, house cleaning :p I am down whenever u r Same 🙂 So old school it's up to u when we hatch how another we hat h at 11:00am in Texas time rn it 10:42am
  10. ♡TAMALOVER22♡


    It will but when u put the battery back in ull have an egg 🥚
  11. ♡TAMALOVER22♡

    Group hatch Sant patys day?

    Yeah I am free Thursday but busy on Friday but Friday morning would work "I live in Texas btw Edit: 😂 my tamagotchi is sleeping so I put it in its bed out of reach from my cat 🐈, he's trying to get it haha 😂 unsuccessful awww now he's sad bc I sid "no, hey! I put it up there. NOO, omg ull knock...
  12. ♡TAMALOVER22♡

    Help?: New Tamatown tama-go trying to determine value

    Wrong thread, this is group hatching. But sell it for what u think it's worth
  13. ♡TAMALOVER22♡

    Group hatch Sant patys day?

    Sweet! So tomorrow Saint Patrick's day
  14. ♡TAMALOVER22♡

    Group hatch Sant patys day?

    Any 1 wanna have a group hatch with me?
  15. ♡TAMALOVER22♡

    Your Collection

  16. ♡TAMALOVER22♡

    Can some 1 help me, admin mabe

    I need help figuring out the thread stuff and categories. I am very very bad at this 😕, plz don't like Cancel my account 🙏🏻I just need some time to figure this out
  17. ♡TAMALOVER22♡

    I have an announcement

    Ok thanks I am new at this *suspect more, sorry* :)
  18. ♡TAMALOVER22♡

    ♡TAMALOVER22♡'s tama log